If there are any amendments required to any of the details listed below, please email clubs@efaafieldarcher.com. This will email Web Manager, Field Archer Editor, Membership Secretary & Ranger Officer

Clubs With 28 Target Courses


Black Eagle Bowmen
Location: Bedfordshire
Contact: Mike Cullen
Tel: 07730 777548

Kings Forest Bowmen 
Location: Suffolk
Contact: Christine Smith

Tel: 01603 435207
Email: smithct@btinternet.com
website: www.kingsforestbowmen.co.uk

Merlin Field Archers
Location: Leicestershire
Contact: Carol Smith
Tel: 07795 957381

Clubs With 14 Target Courses

Avalon Archers
Location: Bedfordshire
Contact: Chris Cox

Tel: 01767 627123/07767 866661

Panther Field Archery Club
Location: Essex
Contact: Geri Reeves-Nurse

Tel: 07796 494840

Sunset Archers
Location: Worcestershire
Contact: Nick Aston

Email: nickxbo@gmail.com
website: www.sunsetarchers.com

Whitefriars Bowmen
Location: Suffolk
Contact: Peter Whittaker
Tel: 07990 690037

Email: whitefriars.bowmen@gmail.com
website: www.whitefriarsbowmen.co.uk

White Mark Bowmen
Location: Buckinghamshire
Contact: Peter Swann

Tel: 07764 734939
Email: petewmbsecretary@outlook.com
website: www.whitemarkbowmen.com

Wrekin Foresters
Location: Telford
Contact: Jim Metcalfe
Tel: 07872 407411

Email: info@wrekinforesters.co.uk
website: www.Wrekinforesters.co.uk

Clubs Without A Course

Artemis Archers
Location: Derbyshire
Contact: Paul Meeson

Tel: 07812 586404

Ballands Bowmen Archery Club Limited
Location: Somerset
Contact: Penny Cox

Tel: 01963 363454
Email: penelopefab1@yahoo.co.uk
website: www.ballandsbowmen.co.uk

Broadland Bowmen
Location: Norfolk
Contact: Ryan Mills


Eagle Bowmen Of Bedford
Location: Bedfordshire
Contact: Nikki Ledwick
Tel: 07718 142179

Email:  secretary_ebbarchery@outlook.com

Haverhill Bowmen
Location: Suffolk
Contact: Bert Hastings
Email: havbowsec@gmail.com

Holt Woodland Archery Club
Location: Norfolk
Contact: Jon Hancock

Email: jonbarebow@hotmail.co.uk

Long Eaton
Location: Leicestershire
Contact: Club Secretary

Tel: 01283 543139

March Hare Archers
Contact: Mike Vick

Email: mikevick@btinternet.com


Location: Warwickshire
Contact: Steve Partridge


Milton Keynes Field Archery Club
Location: Buckinghamshire
Contact: Mike Collins


Red Rose Archers 
Location: Northamptonshire
Contact: Jackie Edwards
email: jacki.rra@virginmedia.com
website: www.redrosearchers.co.uk


The Archery Company
Location: Bedfordshire
Contact: Tony Weston

Tel: 01767 262 533
website: www.thearcherycompany.com

Viper Archers
Location: North Yorkshire
Contact: Chris Hadden

Tel: 07804 912676
Email: c.hadden@hotmail.co.uk
Website: Facebook (Viper Archers)

West Mercia Archers
Location: Worcestershire
Contact: Glen Hardman

Tel: 01905 767331

Windrush Bowmen
Location: Oxfordshire
Contact: Hilary Devaney

Tel: 01993 882633

Woodend Field Archers
Location: Nottinghamshire
Contact: Lynn Dakin

Tel: 07938 723070
Email: woodendfa@outlook.com