EFAA National Indoor Championships 2019

This event is now FULL

EFAA-small-logoHosted by the EFAA at Alameda Sports Hall

Sessions will be accepted in the order they arrive. Please check the website to make sure you are in the session you have chosen.

Please state if you require a 5 or single spot face and what shooting time is preferred


Target faces for this event are sponsored by The Archery Company

This Shoot is now FULL. Please speak to Lesley about reserve list

Hosted by: EFAA at Alameda Sports Hall, Woburn Road, Ampthill, MK45 2HX
 Date: Sunday 17th February 2019
 Eligibility: All current EFAA members.
(2019 Classification cards MUST be handed in at Registration. Please make sure you have your new card).
 Visitors: Due to the limited number, visitors may be accepted at the last minute if there is room.
 Rounds: Double PAA Round.
 Fees: On or before 9th February All classes £10.00. On or after 10th February All Classes £15.00. Cheques payable to EFAA Numbers limited to 72, sessions on a first come first served basis.
 Awards: 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each style according to entry, (1 for 1, 2 for 4, 3 for 6)
 Styles: All styles recognised by the EFAA
 Registration: Sunday from 8am until 15 minutes before your first session.
 Bow Inspections: As above
 Start Times Sunday 8.55am sharp.
Refreshments: Food and drinks will be available.
Download the Entry Form (and post) to: Mrs Lesley Underwood, 5 Home Farm Way, Westoning, Beds, MK45 5LL, Tel: 01525 751778
Please Note: A late entry fee will be levied on any archer who changes style less than one week before or on the day of the tournament. Please advise Tournaments Officer as soon as possible if you intend to shoot a different style to your original entry. Online entry also available.
Entries Received:
If you find you can not attend the shoot, please contact the Tournaments Officer as soon as possible
Shooting Time:
9am & 1pm This session is now FULL
5 Spot: John Foley (AMFU), Jez Dix (AMBU), Martin Ross (AMFU), Suzi Bredin (AFFU), Terry Course (AMFU), Simon Scott (AMFU), Simon Holmes (AMFU)
1 Spot: Dave Underwood (AMBL), Stuart Oldman (AMAFB), Sue Crowe (AFLB), Martin Davis (AMBU), Richard Wise (AMBBR), Robert Reeves (AMBBR), Ian Brown (AMTRB), Ted Cock (AMBHR), John Thomas (AMBHR), Carol Reeves (AFBBR), Pedro Soler (AMBHR), Keith Burton (AMTRB), Jo Healey (AFBU), Denise Rayner (AFBHC), Charlie Pinches (AMBBC), Karen Pinches (AFBBC), Natasja Pinches (AFFU), Kevin Brittain (AMTRB), Gez Davis (AMBHR), Dan Rae (AMBU), Steve Dale (AMBHC), William Ross (JMFU), Bruno Rouschmeyer (AMAFB), Claude Rouschmeyer (AFAFB), Michael Winn (AMFSR), John Hillsden (AMBBR), Lisa Cooper (AFFSR), Yvonne Turney (AFBL), Glen Clifton (AMBU)
Shooting Time:
11am & 3pm  This session is now FULL
5 Spot: David Wayman (AMFU), Stuart Robson (AMBU), Dan Soroko (AMFU), Sam Baldwin (AMFU), Zbigniew Kwiatkowski (AMBU), Tom Duncan (AMFU), Jim Metcalf (AMBU), Martyn Cotterill (AMFU), Phil Glover (AMFU), James Mason (AMFU), Sarah Moon (AFFU)
1 Spot: Lesley Sleight (AFTRB), Hayden Ledwick (AMFSR), Richard Parker (AMFSR), David Goddard (AMBU), Phil Waters (AMBU), Adrian Brett (AMBHR), Bela De Freitas (AFLB), Andrew Joyce (AMAFB), Chris Roberts (AMBBR), Scott Cunningham (AMFU), George Broadbent (JMBBR), Janet Lloyd (AFLB), Joe Lloyd (AMLB), Helen Harris (AFBHC), Trevor Walter (AMBHC), Lynn Dakin (AFBHC), Zac Ball (AMFU), Rene Bekker (AMBHR), Martyn Nazaruk (AMBHR), James Cowie (AMBL), Ash Cowie (AFBBR), Jenny O'Kelly (AFBHR), Alison de Burgh (AFLB), David Lilley (AMFSC), Andrew Marshall (AMFSR),