Panther Field Archery Club

Location:JGRV+4M Chelmsford, UK
Location: Essex
Contact: Geri Reeves-Nurse
Tel: 07796 494840
What3Words: backpack.newsprint.deduct

Course Description: Practice targets from 20ft to 40 yrds on flat open ground, 14no 3Ds on slopes and 14no on slopes to flat ground. In old Oak woodland

Course Suitability: All

Course Access: Not suitable for archers who have fitness/mobility issues as some of the slopes are quite steep on the 3D side. All of the beginners I have shown around have had no issues on the target side

Car Parking: There is a concrete road leading into the farm and a hard standing for the archery club to use

Toilet Facilities: Yes we have 2 proper flushing toilet on the estate but they are about 100yard from the course, there is a camping type on the course

Visiting Archers: With arrangement we have shown around and allowed to shoot several different associations. Generally, they pay a day fee of £5 on the day or can pay online

Catering: No catering available

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