EFAA Records

The EFAA maintains records of the highest scores shot by its members in each of the recognised divisions and for each of the official marked distance rounds. The Classifications and Incentives Officer compiles the record tables from returns made by shoot organisers on Shoot Certificates.

Select the round to see the current list of record scores.


So How Do I Claim A National Record?

Ok so most people know this and normally you would ask fellow archers in your group but what if you are all new and the people in the know have left.

1. You’ve turned up for a classification most are record status.
2. When you book in make sure your name, age group and the division you are shooting is correct on the score cards and the classification sheet.
3. Make sure a bow inspection is held and that your equipment meets the correct criteria, (arrows marked, poundage right ext…)
4. Enjoy the days shooting (this is important)!
5. At the end of the day when the scores tally on both cards you may have broken the record.

This next bit is important.

If you think you have broken a record. Check, at the National Championships they should be on display somewhere or look on the EFAA web page under Incentives & Records.

Find the round you have shot and your division to see what the current record is.

If you have broken the record do this….

1. Have both cards signed on the back by your fellow archers in the group.
2. Clearly write your name, address, sign and what you are claiming on the back of the card
3. Hand the cards to the classification officer of the day, they will send them to me, or you can post them yourself. (During the pandemic the few shoots that happened I was excepting photos or scans of the cards, so long as all the other criteria was met.) these can be emailed records@efaafieldarcher.com
4. Once I have all the information and it is correct you will be issued a certificate the web site will be updated to show your record, your name will appear in the field archer and added to the year of achievement.

Good Luck and happy shooting.

Graham Kemp

Classifications and Incentives Officer.