English Field Archery Association Development Plan

September 2021 – 2026

The following Development plan sets out a rough roadmap for the development of the English Field Archery Association over the next 5 years. We would like to engage members in the development of the association, therefore if you have any skills or expertise that would help the EFAA to develop further, please get in touch with the committee :


Ash Cowie
Development Officer


Objective 1 – Adult Participation

Continue to rebuild and increase affiliations post COVID. To increase membership, engage with University Archery clubs to encourage new members and plan to increase female participation across the society.

Objective 2 – Junior Participation

Continue to renew and update the child protection policy ensuring all clubs have a written safeguarding policy. To increase junior participation, engage and support school / college archery to target and support junior membership.

Objective 3 – Talent Support and Development

Organise further development days to provide coaching and seminars for archers. Identify future needs for international squads and continue to support squads during tournaments.

Objective 4 – Workforce Support and Development

Support coaching by increasing the number of coaching courses and providing CPD once coaches have qualified to develop good practice. Develop recruitment practices to the EFAA committee and empower volunteers by reviewing current practice.

Objective 5 – Finance and Management

Maintain current financial reserves to ensure the association remains stable, auditing once a year. Create an online membership structure to incorporate tournament entry.

Objective 6 – Facilities

Increase the number of EFAA clubs using a number of methods including approaching existing field clubs, developing course guide and increasing targeted have a go events.

Objective 7 – Communication

Promote the association through external publications, using WIAC as an opportunity to increase awareness. Develop an online mailing list for members.