It has been a fantastic year with lots of team success. The final club of the year results will be announced at the AGM. This will go to the club who has performed the best across all of the national tournaments this year. We will also see the first president's award presented this year at the AGM, so continue to send in any nominations of EFAA members who have gone above and beyond for the EFAA this year.

Please have a look at the Archer Development Day advert. It would be lovely to see many of you there.
Ash Cowie

EFAC 2017 – Hoheigeiss Germany

What an event! Team England took 34 archers to Germany this Summer, plus their support crew, to compete in the European Field Archery Championships.  We started the week with an excellent march of nations, which took us all over the town and felt like a qualifying fitness test for the actual event. It was great to see England out looking smart in their new team shirts.

We all had a superb week, every archer tackled some very challenging courses, ranging from long in duration, or step hills with tough targets and footings. Personally I found the courses some of the most difficult at an EFAC for a number of years. We had to face some slow starts in the morning, as managing 600+ archers on to coaches to get to 6 courses was quite a challenge for the organisers. Tuesday saw a delayed start due to an overnight lightening storm, but thanks to the excellent work from the marshalls and the fire brigade, we were on our way after minimal delays. The week passed pretty smoothly, with a lot of hard work from all the archers. Some even found time to sample the local delights, including the swimming pools and local restaurants. It really flexed the language skills to avoid ordering a schnitzel every night, but we muddled through.

Thursday evening marked our second ever Team England Meal. We found a lovely little pub at the bottom of one of the courses, a local haunt for all those hard working marshalls, plus a few IFAA reps. We had a room to ourselves and thoroughly packed it out. This was a great chance to sit down together, with a time to talk, mingle and in some cases make new friendships.

Friday brought our last day of shooting with some great final results and a fab classification awards evening. We didn’t have any classification awards for England, but we were there in full to celebrate and raise a glass, or two. There was some great dancing, which seemed to have a lasting effect of the not so sturdy flooring.

The final day brought the banquet and results ceremony. Results were as follows: Karen Pinches (AFBBC) 2nd; Carol Fowles (AFBHR) 1st; Dee Raynor (AFBL) 1st; Jo Healey (AFBU) 1st; Lisa Cooper (AFFSR) 2nd; Ash Cowie (AFFSR) 4th; Vici Duncan (AFFU)3rd; Bela deFreitas (AFHB)5th; Lesley Sleight (AFTR)2nd; Charlie Pinches (AMBBC) 3rd; Steve Partridge (AMBBR) 4th; Ian Christie (AMBHC) 6th; James Cowie (AMBL) 2nd; Jez Dix (AMBU) 10th; Dave Hill (AMBU) 11th; Zeb Kwiathowski (AMBU) 14th; Martyn Ellis (AMFSR) 11th, Dan Rae (AMFU) 3rd, Martyn Cotterill (AMFU) 21st; John Foley (AMFU) 41ST; Jamie Bridges (AMLB) 16th; Mike Cullen (AMLB) 25th; Chris White (PMFU) 3rd; Tom Duncan (PMFU) 8th; Karen Howard (VFFSR) 3rd; Alec James (VFBBC) 3rd, Dave Stringfellow (VMBBR) 8th; Trevor Walter (VMBHC) 1st; Ron Potter (VMBU) 6th; Richard Green (VMFSR) 2nd; Nick Poole (VMFU) 22nd; Ian Brown (VMLB) 1st; Stuart Oldman (VMLB) 13th and Natasja Pinches (YAFBBC) 1st. In the teams, Bowhunter Unlimited (Ron Potter, Jo Healey and Dave Hill) came 4th, Freestyle Limited Recurve (Lisa Cooper, Richard Green and Martyn Ellis) came 2nd, Freestyle Unlimited (Vici Duncan, Dan Rae and Martyn Cotteryll) came 4th and Longbow (Ian Brown, Jamie Bridges and Stuart Oldman) came 5th. The Champion of Nations team brought home the silver medal!

Overall, it was an excellent week, enjoyed by all. Hope to see many of you at one of next years’ international events!

Ash Cowie

The final team results have not been released yet, but we did manage to secure the 1st place recurve team with Chris Pleasants, Scott Stanbury and Richard Green. Well done lads!

I would also like to say a big well done to our EFAA members who have equalled or broken the Bowhunter IFAA 'best scores'. James Baker beat the previous Adult BBC best score by 2 points on the 3D, Liz Holmes beat all three adult BL best scores by 14 points (UAR), 97 points (3D), 96 Points (HUN) and Trish Jones beat veteran BHC best scores by: 84 points (UAR), 5 points (3D), 112 points (HUN).

I'm sure you all agree this is fantastic shooting from the England squad!!#EFAA #EFAASQUAD #WIN

We would love to share some more photos of the event on the website and the EFAA Facebook page. Please upload them to the page AND send them to ( to see them featured on our webpage.

Looking forward to the next big events : UKIFAC and EFAC.

Ash – Team Manager

What a Fantastic week for all out EFAA Squad at WBHC. Here is a list of the final positions for the team in no particular order:

AFBHC - Helen Harris​ 5th

AMBBC - James Baker 4th

             - Laurent Duverge 11th  

AMBHC - Gary Hart​ 9th

AMBU - Simon Cowans 69th

          - Matt Farnham 83rd

AMFU - Owen Blackmore​ 17th

           - John Foley​ 61st

JMBHR - Simon Hake 7th

VFBHC - Trish Jones​ 1st

VFBL – Elizabeth Holmes​ 1st

VFBU - Clare Ackeroyd 1st  or 2nd 

VMBHC - Trevor Walter 4th  

             - Steve Dale 13th

VMBHR - Graham Holmes​ 8th

             - Martyn Nazaruk 27th

            - Roger Hands 40th

AFBHR - Julie Mozeley 39th

AFBU - Kay Farnham 9th

AFFR - Penny Kennedy 1st

AFFU -  Lizzie Richley​ 8th

AMBHR - Jamie Rawson - 26th

AMFR – Chris Pleasants​ 1st

            - Scott Stanbury​ 2nd

VFBHR - Marleen Toomer​ 3rd

VFFR - Karen Howard 2nd

VFFU - Heather Pearson​ 2nd

          - Christine Hall 5th

VMBU - Larry Baker 20th

           - Graham Akeroyd 21st

VMFR - Richard Green​ 2nd

VMFU - Trevor Vanstone 23rd

          - Colin Street 42nd

AFLB - Claude Rouschmeyer 37th

         - Jane Walter 40th

AMHB - Alberto Martinelli - 69th

VMLB - Bruno Rouschmeyer 76th

AFTRB - Lesley Sleight​ 17th

AMLB - Paul Meeson​ 5th

          - Gus Gramuskus 24th

          - Nigel Downs​ 60th 

VMTRB - John Allen​ 8th

             - Phil Huburn-King​ 58th