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2024 AGM

Details about the 2024 AGM can be found HERE

2024 Bowhunter Championships Results

Results of the 2024 Bowhunter Championships can be found HERE

Classification Survey

The EFAA committee understand the importance of allowing members' voice to be heard. We understand that some classification shoots currently are undergoing a period of low attendance, so to support clubs we would like to understand the feelings of the membership. Therefore we would gratefully appreciate as many responses as possible to ensure the data collected is meaningful. Survey Here

2024 Spring Championships Results

Results of the 2024 Spring Championships can be found HERE

New Years Of Achievements added for 2022 & 2023

2022 & 2023 have now been added see HERE

EFAA Development Day – 27th July At Merlin Field Archers

Information  can be found HERE

EBHC 2024

Information on the 2024 EBHC can be found HERE

2024 Indoor Championships Results

Results of the 2024 Indoor Championships can be found HERE

EFAA Tournament Shirts

The EFAA Tournament Shirts are now available to order, see HERE for details

2023 National 3D Championships Results

Results of the 2023 National 3D Championships can be found HERE

2023 National Championships Results

Results of the 2023 National Championships can be found HERE

IFAA Instructors Course

Dear EFAA instructor’s, the IFAA is offering some instructors courses at WIAC and their other major shoots later in the year. The main course available at WIAC will be a level three instructors course, this if for our level two instructors that have held their certification for over one year. Please see the presentation from the IFAA for more details.

If you would be interested is attending any of these courses the please contact me Dan Rae at as we have to put your names forward to the IFAA.

For the Level Three course at WIAC I will need to know by the 4th January as it needs to be submitted to the IFAA by the 6th January. More Info HERE

Social Media

The EFAA are now live on YouTube and also Instagram

How To Start A New Club Or Expand Your Existing One

If you are thinking of starting up a new EFAA Field Archery Club but don’t know where to start there is now available a guide to what you need to know and how to go about it. You can download it here.

Return of Shoot Certificates - Reminder for Club Officials

A reminder please to return shoot certificates correctly and fully completed to our Records & Incentives Officer (Graham) as soon as possible after the classification shoot.


Following the unprecedented amount of rainfall that we have all endured in recent months, many of us are unable to make full use of our regular shooting / practice grounds and may be looking elsewhere for much needed practice. This is just a polite reminder that if you shoot at a ‘pay as you play’ or similar venue, if the venue does not have an EFAA Range Charter Certificate, you will not be covered by the EFAA insurance policy. Please check before you shoot that the venue has been chartered for the practice area and/ or the course or both.

Unacceptable Behaviour

Unacceptable Behaviour

While the vast majority of members always conduct themselves in a correct and courteous manner, unfortunately, there have been instances this year when committee members have been subjected to confrontational, aggressive behaviour while going about their committee roles.  This results in anger and stress for the people concerned when they are trying to organise and manage events on behalf of members of our association. To those of you who consider confrontational, aggressive behaviour to be acceptable, be assured, it is not acceptable for any member of the EFAA to be subjected to such behaviour in any circumstances. Also remember, at the discretion of the EFAA committee, any person / persons considered guilty of such behaviour can and will be excluded from an event and in exceptional circumstances, can have their EFAA membership revoked. If, at any time or at any EFAA event, you have an issue that concerns you, please approach and speak with a committee member in a civil manner.

EFAA Committee