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Records Updated

The list of EFAA records has been updated and is now up to date as of 30th July.


Info received about EFAC 2019

We are getting close to the start of the EFAC 2019. The tournament organizing committee and the Dutch Archery Federation are very excited to welcome you all to the Netherlands coming week.

As media-relations for the Dutch Archery Federation I am emailing your regarding media information about the tournament. We are aware that your competitors are always very keen on seeing images of their team and the awards ceremony. I'm pleased to announce that we will provide these images for your team members and federation.

We will provide the following items 

A photographer will be available during the March of Nations to take Team pictures at the designated area in the route that all teams will pass.

A photographer will be available during the awards ceremonies to take images of all podium winners, individual and teams.

A photographer will be available during most tournament days to take pictures of competitors.

An EFAC2019 aftermovie will be provided afterwards.

All images will become available in the image gallery in the link below.


Note: All images are free for personal or promotional use. Please use the images un-altered. It is strictly forbidden to use the images for commercial use in any form. 

If your team has a photographer at the tournament that also want to take pictures, please let them contact me for the required accreditation.

2019 UKIFAC Results

Results from the UKIFAC Championships have been added.

***2019 3D Championships Latest Info***

The 3D Championships latest!

As previously announced it is with great sadness that Broadland Bowmen have lost their woodland and as yet the council have not been able to find anything suitable and safe for them to shoot in. Therefore the 3D Championships will NOT be taking place at Broadland.

The EFAA Committee have approached a number of clubs and Black Eagle Bowmen have kindly agreed to allow the EFAA Committee to put the shoot on in their woods. So the 3D Championships will now take place on 19 and 20 October 2019 at Black Eagle Bowmen, West Wood, Near Souldrop. North Bedfordshire.

Food and drinks will be available on both days, however in an effort to reduce some of the plastic waste the club have asked that each archer bring their own cup/mug that they will happily fill for you.

Entry on the web site is open and currently there is plenty of space, we look forward to welcoming you all there.


Tournaments Officer on behalf of the EFAA Committee


European Bowhunter Championships - France - 2020 - Don't Delay

Any EFAA Archers thinking of going to France next year for the EBHC you must please Register soon. Their site has only been open a couple of days and there are already over 800 entries. Don’t miss out, book quick.

Unacceptable Behaviour

Unacceptable Behaviour

While the vast majority of members always conduct themselves in a correct and courteous manner, unfortunately, there have been instances this year when committee members have been subjected to confrontational, aggressive behaviour while going about their committee roles.  This results in anger and stress for the people concerned when they are trying to organise and manage events on behalf of members of our association. To those of you who consider confrontational, aggressive behaviour to be acceptable, be assured, it is not acceptable for any member of the EFAA to be subjected to such behaviour in any circumstances. Also remember, at the discretion of the EFAA committee, any person / persons considered guilty of such behaviour can and will be excluded from an event and in exceptional circumstances, can have their EFAA membership revoked. If, at any time or at any EFAA event, you have an issue that concerns you, please approach and speak with a committee member in a civil manner.

EFAA Committee

Kings Forest - Marked Big Game - 6th July 2019

Please note the start time for this shoot is 1pm.

2019 Bowhunter Championships

Results from the Bowhunter Championships have been added.

Broadland Bowmen Classifications

Please note all the remaining classification shoots for this year at Broadland Bowmen have all been cancelled.

2019 Spring Open & Team Championships

Results from the Spring Open & Team Championships have been added.

European Indoor Archery Championships 18th to 21st March 2020

Details now available for next years European Indoor Championships in Northern Ireland.

Click Here for details

Clive Moss EFAA member now has B&B accommodation available in Norfolk

Follow this link to enquire or book.

£70 per night for two people with continental breakfast via or £65 per night booked direct.

**Membership Fee Increase**

Reminder when joining or renewing your membership for 2019, please ensure you pay the correct fee.

to please check Following the acceptance of a proposal presented at the 2018 EFAA AGM, the EFAA adult membership fee will increase to £25.00 per annum and the family membership fee increased to £50.00 per annum from 1st January 2019. All other membership fees will remain unchanged.

Please note that due increasing costs and general financial uncertainties, the membership fees will be reviewed more frequently in future and this increase may prove to be incremental.


We are currently operating in a period of risings costs and decreasing income. Unfortunately, we are also experiencing a reduction in membership numbers compared with recent years. With these facts in mind, the committee are investigating several areas where the Association’s running costs can be reduced without any resultant, detrimental effect to the function of the Association and its members.

Commencing with the 2019 AGM, the agenda will no longer be posted to all members. Instead, it will be posted on the EFAA website. We are aware that not all members have internet access, if you require an agenda to be posted to you, please contact the General Secretary. Contact details are in the Field Archer magazine. For those members without the facility to print a copy of the agenda from the website, copies will be available at the AGM. Taking this action will result in a significant saving in postage and printing costs without any loss of information provided to members.






All matters for inclusion on the agenda of the AGM must reach the General Secretary by 7th October 2019.

Proposals to be put to the AGM shall be in writing and bear the signature of the proposer and seconder, who must both be adult honorary, life or Individual members of EFAA further, either or both signatories shall attend the AGM to discuss their proposal.

For the election of officers at the AGM all nominations, in writing, bearing the signature of the proposer, seconder and nominee, who must all be adult honorary, life or individual members of the EFAA, shall reach the General Secretary by 17th October 2019.

Committee Nomination Forms are available from the General Secretary.

Dave Moore.

EFAA General Secretary.

Year Of Achievement

Graham has now added 2018 to the Year Of Achievement page.

Indoor Champs 2019

The results for the Indoor Champs 2019 are now on the results page.

Spot Badges

Please note with immediate effect the cost for Spot Badges has increased to £5 to help cover the cost of providing them.

The EFAA Commitee

2019-2020 Tournament Shirts Orders Open

The 2019-2020 Tournament Shirts are now available to order, click here for details

2018 AGM - Message From The President

Over the last many years, we have been lucky to have a great team of workers and members who have given many hours of their own time to ensure the smooth running of our association. I have long been an advocate of having understudies for all of our Committee positions. I would like you all to join with me in thanking Bela and Mike for their years of hard work on this our committee. Not only have they done the jobs they were elected to do, but over the last year they have been training understudies to do their jobs when they stood down. So with Mike training Ian and Bella working with Allison all went well. This year at the AGM both Mike and Bella decided to stand down and give the new bloods a go on the committee. Due to all of their work the transition was very smooth from the old to the new . This was thanks to, as I said before, Bella and Mike.

 So once again, thank you from all of us, for all you have done on behalf of the EFAA.

 Steve Kendrick.

 President EFAA


2018 AGM - Changes



In addition to the forthcoming increase in membership fees, please note the following updates.

  1. Alison De Burgh is now the Merchandising Officer.
  2. Ian Brown is now the Range Charter Officer and will also continue in his role of PRO.
  3. The proposal to reduce ELB incentive and classification scores was rejected but the issue will be raised at future IFAA European and World Council meetings as appropriate.
  4. Following the acceptance of TRB style last year, the Hunting Style category is removed from EFAA rules.
  5. Dogs will not be permitted on an EFAA shooting range / course for the duration of shooting at national tournaments, except for registered guide dogs.
  6. A new Super Veterans category, (65 years +) recently agreed at an IFAA World Council meeting, will not be accepted by the EFAA.
  7. In line with a new IFAA ruling, the EFAA will accept and introduce all bow styles in the cub division.
  8. Steve awarded the 2018 Presidents Award to Chris Jones. Ben Jones accepted the award at the meeting.
  9. Black Eagle Bowmen won the Team of the Year Award. A full results list is on the website.
  10. Please ensure that if you wish to claim a veteran record, your score card must state ‘veteran’ on the front of the card. It is the archer’s responsibility to ensure that their score card is completed correctly.


2018 Team Review by Ash Cowie, Team manager

Ash has written a Team Review page for 2018 successes etc. Read it here.

Club of the Year 2018

Final Standings for club of the year 2018

The final standings show that Black Eagle Bowmen have pipped Whitemark to the top spot this year by 10 points. It has been a closely run competition throughout the year. This is the first time Black Eagle have reached the top spot in the league.

Like 2017, we have had 20 teams competing throughout the year. It was nice to see four teams represented this year that did not appear in the 2017 table: Woodend, Friskney, Salamander and Long Eaton. Artemis remained in 4th place but increased their score by over 70 points due to 8 additional archers competing throughout the year.

We really look forward to seeing more archers compete in 2019 across the full range of tournaments.

Team Score No Competitors
1 Black Eagle 406 34
2 White Mark 396 35
3 Kings Forest 360 29
4 Artemis 241 21
5 Merlin 123 10
6 Panther 107 10
7 Red Rose 103 8
8 TAC 87 7
9 Broadland 82 9
10 Muttley 55 6
11 Salamander 54 4
12 Ballands 46 4
13 Woodend 46 4
14 Maraway 32 2
15 West Mercia 22 3
16 Friskney 21 2
17 Nemesis 18 2
18 DAFT 16 2
19 Long Eaton 11 1
20 White Friars 6 1

Ash Cowie
Team Manager


We can confirm that next years UKIFAC Championship will be hosted by WFAA on 13th and 14th July 2019.
Venue is Afan Nedd Archers, Aberdulais SA10 8HN.
Nearest towns are Swansea and Neath. No camping on the course and three campsites very close.

Details for UKIFAC 2019 can be found here

WIAC 2021

The EFAA are pleased to announce that the IFAA has awarded us the opportunity to host and run the World Indoor’s (WIAC) in 2021. A big thanks to Dave Underwood for helping us to secure this opportunity, when he presented the bid in South Africa to the World Council. Planning is already well underway for the event which is planned to take place at Medway Park in Kent in February of 2021. Watch this space for more details.

Spot Badges

It has been agreed at the last committee meeting that Spot Badges can be claimed from 5 spots (previously 10), across all bow styles.

WFAC 2018 - England Team Member Final Positions

Final Results from South Africa, Every archer out there has done an amazing job! I want to say a huge well done to all the EFAA archers. The conditions have been so tough out there, its taken great strength and determination to just finish. Our archers have not just finished, but done it with some great scores and a few medals!
Karen Pinches 1st (1942)
Dee Rayner 1st (2445)
Jo Healey 9th (2522)
Lisa Cooper 2nd (2498)
Natasja Pinches 12th (2529)
Claude Rouschmeyer 3rd (683)
Charlie Pinches 4th (2271)
Dave Underwood 1st (2454)
David Hill 32nd (2504) up 1 place
Daniel Rae 10th (2703) up 4 places
Sandy Goodings 21st (2443)
Bruno Rouschmeyer 1st (1360)


2018 National 3D Championships

Results from the National 3D Championships have been added

2018 National Championships

Results from the National Championships have been added

Obituary - Chris Jones

It is with great sadness we must announce the passing of Chris Jones, founder of Merlin Archery. He lost his battle with cancer at home on 1st September in the presence of his wife and 4 sons.

Among many things, Chris was instrumental in the introduction of compound bows to the UK. His innovative designs, entrepreneurial drive and commitment to archery have touched so many people around the world.

He will be sorely missed.


EFAC 2019 - 3rd to 10th August - Doorwerth, Netherlands

EFAC 2019 NEWS !!!!
This event is filling up quickly with 260 places are already booked and paid. Please don't miss the opportunity and leave it too late.

Keep an eye on

The President's Award

The EFAA are looking for members who have gone above and beyond for the president’s award. Do you know someone who has made a significant contribution to the association who deserves to be recognised? It could be a significant contribution at club or national level or significant achievement.

Please send your nominations with their reason / explanation to The final decision will be made by the EFAA president.

Ash Cowie
Team Manager

Obituary - Gladys Ingham

It is with great sadness that we announce Gladys Ingham sadly passed away in the early hours of this morning. She was in a nursing home but was taken to hospital yesterday with a chest infection but sadly it took her. She was coming up 92.
The Funeral is being held on 14th March at Friskney Church at 12:30. Family flowers only please. Afterwards at The Barley Mow. Everyone is welcome to attend both. All donations will be to The Air Ambulance.

2018 Indoor Championships

Results from the Indoor Championships have been added

Obituary - David Till

It is with great sadness that the EFAA wish to announce that David Till, one of its earliest members, passed away peacefully on 26th January, surrounded by his family. Jo, his daughter, has asked us to let everyone know of his passing and also to let people know the details of his funeral. 

It will take place on 23rd February at 11:15am at St Norbert's Catholic Church, Fieldside, Crowle, North Lincs. Followed by a cremation at the local crematorium.

Jo has told us that any of Dave's friends would be welcome. If anyone would like any further information please contact Dave Underwood who is in contact with Jo.

IFAA Executive Ruling - Barebow Finger Tabs

The IFAA Executive has received various queries about the legality of certain finger tabs for the Barebow Shooting styles.

The ruling by the Technical Committee and the Executive Council is as follows:

Many finger tabs show stitches on the inside of the tab, which may or may not be used by the archer to determine the hand position for each shooting distance. These stitches are an integral part of the finger tab design of the manufacturer. Such stitching, irrespective of design or how elaborate, is not considered to contravene Rule 1a of the Barebow Shooting style, provided that such stitching is an integral part of the manufacturer’s design. Any tabs with stitching or markings that are not part of the design but added by the archer, are considered illegal and such tabs may not be used in the Barebow shooting style.

Full details here.

October 2017.

Omission From 2017 EFAA/IFAA Rule Book

Our thanks to Fred Wells for informing the committee of an omission from the recently issued 2017 EFAA/IFAA Rule Book

New IFAA IQ Retina Lock Built-in Bow Sight Ruling

The IFAA have published a ruling on the use of the IQ Retina Lock Built-in Sight. It is only legal in FU and FS styles.

Details of the ruling can be found here

Field Archer Mag October 2014

The missing edition for October 2014 has been printed in a limited edition. See the Field Archer page for more details.


The EFAA is pleased to announce that a New Range Of Merchandise has been launched. Full details on the merchandise page.

Online Shoot Payments

We now have online Shoot Entry set up.
Payment will be processed by PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account you can still pay via Credit/Debit Card without creating an account

Online Membership Payments

We now have online Membership payments set up. This is currently only available for renewing existing membership.
Payment will be processed by PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account you can still pay via Credit/Debit Card without creating an account
We hope to have this facility for New Members very soon. Also online payment for shoot entry is being worked on.

Shoot Calendar

The shoot calendar has been updated to include all of the shoot dates that have been notified to us. If there are any amendments to your clubs shoot dates, or you need to send in next years dates, please email with the details. This will email Web Manager, Field Archer Editor, Membership Secretary & Range Officer

The English Field Archery Association is affiliated to The International Field Archery Association (I.F.A.A.), the governing body dedicated to the sport of Field Archery.