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Covid 19 Update 04/01/2021

Dear Archers

As a result of the announcement from the Prime Minister this evening the following has been posted on the Government website:

Sports and physical activity

Indoor gyms and sports facilities will remain closed. Outdoor sports courts, outdoor gyms, golf courses, outdoor swimming pools, archery/driving/shooting ranges and riding arenas must also close. Organised outdoor sport for disabled people is allowed to continue.

Further advice can be found here

Many thanks for your help and support with this,

EFAA Committee


EFAA Instructors

Dear EFAA instructors please follow the link below that will take you to an update letter from the IFAA Director of Training and Coaching.

If there are any questions then please get in contact and I will be in contact with you all in the new year.

Dan Rae

Coaching Officer

Mike Murray

It is with great sadness that have to tell you all that Mike has passed away.  As some of you may know he had not been well for sometime and he died in his sleep in hospital.

Mike was a true Gentleman, and was always there with a smile on his face,  with  the ability to crack a joke when it was needed to defuse the tension - a memorable moment in  the Loire Valley in 1989.

He was a long time member of the EFAA Committee  having served from 1986 when he became our IFAA Representative and for many years our Vice President.

His funeral has taken place (14th of December) but if any of you would like to catch up with the service it is available via this link Username Kehe9620 Password 648923  and will be available until  14th January.

RIP Mike, you will be sadly missed by all those that knew and loved you.

Steve Kendrick

President EFAA

Coaching Update

Latest Info has been updated on the Instructions page on the website.

Covid 19

Latest Info has been updated on the Covid 19 page on the website.

Please remember do not leave home if you have a new continuous cough, feel hot to the touch or have a change to your taste and smell. If you experience and of these symptoms please stay at home, get in touch with NHS 111 on line or by phone if you do not have access and act on their advice.

EFAA Committee

AGM 2020 & Latest News

At a recent meeting of the EFAA committee the 2020 AGM situation was re visited and the decision made to remain with the hope that a conventional AGM can be held early next year when, hopefully, the current restrictions on indoor gatherings will have eased. Also, due to the current, ever changing world that we are all living in, to enable us to be in a better position to react quickly to any relevant changes, the committee decided to increase the frequency of meetings for the next few months. The committee will now meet, online once a month until January 2021. At the January meeting, the AGM situation will be re visited and all possible meeting options will be reassessed.

On a more positive note, with our sport being severely restricted at the moment, it is encouraging to see that interest is still buoyant with 23 new members having joined the Association during October.

EFAA Committee

Records Updated

The list of EFAA records has been updated and is now up to date as of 26th September


As most of you will be aware, before we can consider the re-opening of all shoots, including classification shoots, we must prove to the UK Government that we are covid-19 safe. As required, we have submitted a Covid-19 Risk Assessment and an Action Plan for the Re-opening of Shoots to the Government Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport, for their consideration and approval. Until we receive DCMS approval of the submitted documents, we cannot make any progress on this issue. DCMS respond reasonably quickly to general correspondence but, this is a specific situation and unfortunately, we are still awaiting a reply. We assume that we are one of many sports associations in the same position. Hence, the slow progress. We will continue to communicate with DCMS and will hopefully be in a position, to update you with more positive news sooner, rather than later.

25th August 2020

WIAC 2021

It is with sadness we must inform you that after discussions with the IFAA the decision has been made to cancel WIAC 2021, we will now host WIAC 2023. All entries will be transferred to the new tournament. If you would like a refund for your entry this can be requested through Eventbrite or email through the WIAC 21 contacts page.
All participants have been emailed directly.
Please see for the full notice from the IFAA


The EFAA would like to update its members on the actions that are currently taking place to get people back to the sport that we all love. The Government have said that outdoor sports can resume as long as they are COVID 19  safe. So the Committee have to assure the Government via the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport that we have put everything that is needed into place and reduced all of the risks to an absolute minimum.

We are required to provide them with a detailed Risk Assessment and even more detailed Action Plan on how we will do that and what systems and processes are in place to ensure the safety of our archers. Until this has been approved by the Governments department we will not be able to run EFAA sanctioned shoots (classifications and national/international events).

That said we realise that people want to start shooting at different courses and perhaps try to hold a fun shoot, perhaps to generate a little income, so we have produced guidance for clubs to use – which has been sent to all club secretaries, if they want to and indeed if their landowners will allow. It is entirely up to each club to decide how far they want to open their club up to other EFAA members, not the committee.

Should you require any further information or advice please email, Lesley has been working on this for us and is happy to answer your queries.

EFAA Committee

14th July 2020


An outdoor meeting of the EFAA executive committee members took place on Sunday July 5th to discuss items needing urgent attention.

It was decided that, due to the current unprecedented circumstances we are all living in, including the restrictions on indoor gatherings, the 2020 AGM will be delayed until such time that we are legally permitted to hold a conventional indoor meeting.

Updates will be posted on this website.

EFAA Committee
8th July 2020


The EFAA Committee have today taken the decision to cancel the two remaining National shoots this year. A full explanation will be provided within the Field Archer due on your doormats in July. It is with regret that we have taken this decision but the safety of our members must be our first priority. Thank you for your understanding at these difficult times. The EFAA Committee

EFAA Committee
21st June 2020


We have recently been informed that the company that supplies out tournament shirts has gone into liquidation and we will not be receiving any of the shirts that we have ordered. This situation is completely out of control, but we appreciate that this is extremely disappointing news for those of you waiting for your shirts, several of you have been patiently waiting for a long time.

Payments have been refunded via PayPal today.

EFAA Committee
28th June 2020


The EFAA Committee have today sent guidance to all EFAA Club Secretaries regarding how they may safely open their woods for club members to practice following the relaxation of the initial lockdown for COVID 19. This will depend on the agreement of the owner of the wood and the ability of the clubs to manage the guidance put in place.

The guidance requires every EFAA club member to play their part in keeping themselves and their fellow archers safe so please abide by the guidance and be sensible.

At this point in time we can only offer practice to those archers who belong to EFAA clubs so that the amounts of people can be closely monitored, and strict social distancing maintained.

PLEASE – do not leave home if you are feeling at all unwell seek advice from the NHS 111 on-line service.

EFAA Committee
12th May 2020



We, along with probably most of you listened intently to the Prime Minister’s communication yesterday in the hope of a small return to what was normal life and to enjoying our sport again. Although there was a glimmer of hope, we think that you will all agree that the proposed changes to government guidelines were vague and lacking detail. Hopefully, the details will become clearer over the next two days and enable us to make decisions and advise you of any changes.

Please be aware, that in the meantime, EFAA advice has not changed and we continue to advise that EFAA clubs remain closed.

We must be 100% confident that any actions we take and any advice we provide does not compromise our insurance. Clubs with courses will also need to ensure that landowners are compliant.

Thank you for your understanding in these challenging times, please be assured that we will do all we can to enable our sport to continue safely and as soon as possible.

EFAA Committee
11th May 2020


As you are aware the EFAA committee have decided to cancel all classification shoots up to and including the Spring Team Championships in May. We have now reviewed the situation and unfortunately, due to the current circumstances and unknown future government guidelines, we have now decided that all classification shoots are cancelled until further notice. We will, of course, continue to review the situation and provide further updates as soon as we can.

We also continue to advise that all clubs remain closed until government lock down guidelines are relaxed to such an extent that clubs can safely reopen.

We realise that the loss of income from hosting classification shoots can be financially damaging to some clubs and may compromise the ability to pay rental fees to landowners. If you are in this situation, you should first speak with your landowner to request assistance. However, if the landowner is not amenable the EFAA may be able to offer some assistance. If you are in this position and need financial support, please contact the EFAA General Secretary with details of your club’s situation and financial needs.

We have also decided to cancel the 2020 Spring Championships and Bowhunter Championships. These tournaments will not take place until 2021. If you have already entered the 2020 tournaments, your entry fee will be transferred to the 2021 tournament. We remain hopeful that the 2020 National Championships and the 3D Championships will still take place.

We thank you for your support and understanding during these difficult times.

Take care and stay safe.

EFAA Committee
24th April 2020

Announcement re Postponement of WFAC 2020 - Estonia.

From the WFAC2020 website.

Dear Archers,

As an IFAA-accredited global tournament host, the FAAE considers it necessary to give notice of changes as soon as possible. This situation in the World is unusual for all of us and regardless of the decision made, it cannot be 100% suitable for everyone. The only reasonable decision is to postpone the tournament (WFAC2020) to the 2021, the dates of July 23rd to July 31st. If a registered participant wishes to withdraw from the tournament altogether, we can refund 30% of the fees paid until Jun 30, 2020. Registered archers who wish to participate in the tournament in 2021 do not need to take any action, their participation fee will be retained and carried forward to the next year. Till today, we receive requests by mail from different countries with the wish to register for the tournament, change the bow style, book accommodation etc., which shows the high interest of the participants in the tournament.

On behalf of the Tournament Organizers we thank you for your patience and understanding!

IFAA Announcement - European Bowhunter Championships 2020 is Postponed

Like with most sports the COVOD-19 virus has also affected the tournaments of the IFAA with the general
lockdown of almost every European country. This is most likely to be extended well into May 2020 or even
later in the year by many countries.

After consultation with the IFAA member associations in Europe, the decision was made to postpone the
European Bowhunter Championships 2020 (EBHC 2020). 2/3 of the member associations in Europe have
voted in favour of the postponement and there were no votes against. There was one abstention.

These championships will now be hosted from 02-10 July 2021 unless the virus keeps a grip on Europe.
The name of the tournament will remain the same and medals and any tournament memorabilia will still
display “EBHC 2020”.

The World Bowhunter Championships 2021 (WBHC 2021) will be combined with the EHBC 2020 and
medals and tournament memorabilia of the WBHC 2021 will display “WBHC2021”.
Australia (ABA) in turn will now be hosting the WBHC 2023 !

Archers who have already registered for the EBHC2020 and also have paid the registration fees are given the
option to shoot the combined WBHC2021/EBHC2020 at no extra costs.

A large part of the registration fees have been spent on the organisation of the EBHC2020 and unfortunately
a refund of the registration fees to those who do not wish to shoot the events in 2021 will not be possible.

Archers who have also paid for meals, the banquet, shirts and other tournament memorabilia may contact the
tournament organisers at for a refund of the payments that were made.
The organisers are committed to contact each registered archer by email to inform them of the options.

Even though the EBHC2020 is fully booked, the organisers assure that there will be sufficient places for the
registrations for the WBHC2021 for all additional archers.
Two extra ranges are planned if so required.

Archers from Europe, who have not registered or not paid their registration fees for the EBHC 2020 will pay
the normal registration fees. This will be advertised on the WBHC2021/EBHC2020 website later this year.

Archers from outside Europe can only register for the WBHC2021 as will be advertised later this year.
IFAA Executive

Shooting at Home - EFAA Insurance

While we are all adjusting and adapting our lives to follow government guidelines, one question has now been raised several times.

“Does the EFAA Public Liability Insurance cover me if I shoot at home in my garden?”


Stay safe and well everyone, hopefully we will back out in the woods before too long.

4th April 2020


A useful link for our clubs that use or have access to Forestry Commission land.

1st April 2020



As you are all aware, the EFAA committee have recently cancelled all classification shoots up to and including the Spring Team Championships in May. The committee will re assess the situation at that time and advise accordingly.

In addition, following the recent government guidelines, in these unprecedented times, your EFAA committee now advise that all members / EFAA clubs should follow government advice, stay at home and not make any unnecessary journeys. Ultimately, the decision is down to individual clubs but If you decide that it is really necessary to travel to your club ground to practice, if you are travelling alone or in a family group, you may put other people at risk.

Stay safe and save lives.

If you do visit your club and are unfortunate to have an accident, it may compromise the EFAA Insurance cover. If you intend travelling to a club with its own insurance and the landowner is happy for shooting to continue, we can only advise that you comply with all current government advice.

EFAA Committee
31st March 2020

EFAA Tournament Shirt Ordering

REMINDER - The Deadline Below is Fast Approaching.

We are pleased to inform you that tournament shirt orders can now be placed online under the merchandise tab on this website. As before, these shirts are a special-order item with a minimum order quantity of 5 shirts and up to 8 weeks production time. We are aware that some of you have waited a long time to receive shirts and some are still waiting for the current order to be completed and shirts delivered. With this in mind and in an attempt to provide members with a better idea of when shirts are likely to be received, we are introducing a shirt order ‘cut off’ date.


This order process is now closed.

Online ordering will not be available after this date and all shirt orders will be sent to our supplier.

EFAA committee.


Following the latest advice from the UK government, in the best interests of members safety, the EFAA committee have taken the decision that all EFAA shoots, including classification shoots be cancelled with immediate affect up to and including the 2020 Spring Championships. We will re assess the situation at that time and readvise accordingly. We will also attempt to reschedule the Spring Championships.

Please note shoot entries have now been removed from the online shoot calendar


National Indoor Championships - Results

Results for this years National Indoor Championships can be seen here.

National Championships 2020 Announcement

We are pleased to let you all know that this years National Championships will be hosted by White Mark Bowmen. Details on the Tournament page.


EFAA Development Weekend - 14th & 15th March 2020



Latest SFM Patch Awards for 2019 Year

Congratulations to the following archers who achieved the SFM Patch during 2019.

Daniel Rae - BU and FU
Barry Rampling – FU
Scott Stanbury – FSR
Jim Metcalfe – FU
Dan Soroko – FU
Alan Lawson – FU
Jonathan Shales – FSR
Natasha Pinches – FU
Dee Rayner – BHC
Jo Healey – BU
Phil Glover – FU
Simon Holmes – FU
Carol Smith – FU
Verity Grey – FU
Jamie Bridges – BBR
Martyn Cotterill – FU
Sam Baldwin – FU
S. Corless – FU
James Mason - FU
Carl Richards – FU
Tony Weston – FU
Allan Lawson – FU

Well done all, I will be getting the 2019 patches made soon for issuing out.

As I am not shooting this year could you please email me with your address so I can get them in the post or tell me you`re not interested.

Have a great year I will be watching the classification cards for those trying for the 2020 patch.

Graham Kemp
Classifications and Incentives Officer

Return of Shoot Certificates - Reminder for Club Officials

A reminder please to return shoot certificates correctly and fully completed to our Records & Incentives Officer (Graham) as soon as possible after the classification shoot.


Following the unprecedented amount of rainfall that we have all endured in recent months, many of us are unable to make full use of our regular shooting / practice grounds and may be looking elsewhere for much needed practice. This is just a polite reminder that if you shoot at a ‘pay as you play’ or similar venue, if the venue does not have an EFAA Range Charter Certificate, you will not be covered by the EFAA insurance policy. Please check before you shoot that the venue has been chartered for the practice area and/ or the course or both.

World Indoor Archery Championships 2021

The EFAA are pleased to announce that we are hosting the 2021 World Indoor Archery Championships to be held in Kent from 15th to 20th February 2021. 

Registration is now open at, where more details can be found.

Here's How to get Qualifying Scores

You will require two scores on your card, either a Standard Indoor Round, the Flint Indoor Round or the World Indoor Mail Match.

A few ways you can achieve these scores are:

  1. Attend the EFAA Indoor Championships 2020 on Sunday 16th (This counts as 2 shoots).
  2. Attend another National Championships – SFAA or WFAA Indoors 2021. NIFAA Indoor Championships 4th April 2020. (2 rounds on the same day would class as 2 shoots)
  3. Attend EIAC 2020
  4. Compete in the World Indoor Mail Match at a venue of your choice in Jan, Feb and March. Please see the link for more details:
  5. Host a classification shoot at an indoor venue for local archers.

EFAA AGM Update Notice - National Records

Following the EFAA AGM held on 16th November 2019 it was proposed that only one record (either Adult or Veteran) can be claimed at a round and that a
competitor must notify the shoot admin at the start of the day (not after shooting) which record they are attempting to achieve.

This proposal was accepted unanimously by those in attendance and will therefore be effective from the 1st January 2020.

Unacceptable Behaviour

Unacceptable Behaviour

While the vast majority of members always conduct themselves in a correct and courteous manner, unfortunately, there have been instances this year when committee members have been subjected to confrontational, aggressive behaviour while going about their committee roles.  This results in anger and stress for the people concerned when they are trying to organise and manage events on behalf of members of our association. To those of you who consider confrontational, aggressive behaviour to be acceptable, be assured, it is not acceptable for any member of the EFAA to be subjected to such behaviour in any circumstances. Also remember, at the discretion of the EFAA committee, any person / persons considered guilty of such behaviour can and will be excluded from an event and in exceptional circumstances, can have their EFAA membership revoked. If, at any time or at any EFAA event, you have an issue that concerns you, please approach and speak with a committee member in a civil manner.

EFAA Committee

**Membership Fee Increase**

Reminder when joining or renewing your membership for 2019, please ensure you pay the correct fee.

to please check Following the acceptance of a proposal presented at the 2018 EFAA AGM, the EFAA adult membership fee will increase to £25.00 per annum and the family membership fee increased to £50.00 per annum from 1st January 2019. All other membership fees will remain unchanged.

Please note that due increasing costs and general financial uncertainties, the membership fees will be reviewed more frequently in future and this increase may prove to be incremental.

WIAC 2021

The EFAA are pleased to announce that the IFAA has awarded us the opportunity to host and run the World Indoor’s (WIAC) in 2021. A big thanks to Dave Underwood for helping us to secure this opportunity, when he presented the bid in South Africa to the World Council. Planning is already well underway for the event which is planned to take place at Medway Park in Kent in February of 2021. Watch this space for more details.


The EFAA is pleased to announce that a New Range Of Merchandise has been launched. Full details on the merchandise page.