Latest News From The EFAA

Records Updated

The list of EFAA records has been updated and is now up to date as of 23rd July

2018 European Bowhunters - Germany

Although this event is already fully booked, members wishing to go are encouraged to register due to the possibility (no guarantee) of extra courses being put on. Visit for details.

EFAC 2017 - Germany - Storage of Spare Bows

We have been advised that spare bows can be stored with the organisers in a lockable room in the Panoramic Hotel and a shuttle will be available to bring them to the course if needed.

WFAC 2018

WFAC 2018 Update
If you are interested in WFAC 2018 South Africa, Sunday, 07 October, please check out the following links. - the dedicated web page - scroll down and download the attachment for a detailed document with lots of vital information.

Team News

Ash has updated the Team page, take a look

Team Congratulations

A big congratulations to every member of the England Squad who has represented the EFAA in WBHC

Omission From 2017 EFAA/IFAA Rule Book

Our thanks to Fred Wells for informing the committee of an omission from the recently issued 2017 EFAA/IFAA Rule Book

Bowhunter Championships Results

Bowhunter Championship results and a pictures (thanks Gez) now posted

Black Eagle Bowmen - Forestry Commission Work

Changes to Black Eagle Bowmen Classification Shoots.

Please note that it has become necessary for the committee to change the following: -
The July Classification Shoot will now be a Field Round, not Combination due to the closure of one course.
The August Classification is now cancelled due to the closure of both courses.
Black Eagle Members can continue to use the practice area but additional care needs to be taken for health & safety reasons due to machinery, logs and likely enlarged ruts on the tracks.
We have been advised that works will take approximately 5 weeks plus the time to remove the lumber. We will keep you updated on progress but please do not hesitate to contact the committee for advice.


AGM First Notice

First Notice 2017 EFAA AGM

The 2017 AGM of the English Field Archery Association will take place on Saturday 18th November.

The meeting will be held in the Pines Function Room, The Crossroads Hotel, Weedon, Northampton, NN7 4PX.

Meeting to commence at 10.30am. Tea & Coffee will be available on arrival.

All matters for inclusion on the agenda of the AGM must reach the General Secretary by 9th October 2017.

Proposals to be put to the AGM shall be in writing and bear the signature of the proposer and seconder, who must both be adult honorary, life or Individual members of EFAA further, either or both signatories shall attend the AGM to discuss their proposal.

For the election of officers at the AGM all nominations, in writing, bearing the signature of the proposer, seconder and nominee, who must all be adult honorary, life or individual members of the EFAA, shall reach the General Secretary by 19th October 2017.

2017 National & 3D Championships Online Payment

Online payment is now open for the 2017 National Championships and the 2017 3D Championships (Dots Shoot)

Club Of The Year

The Club Of The Year results have been updated after the Springs

Spring Team Championships Results

Spring Team Championship results and a few pictures now posted

EBHC 2018

The website for the EBHC 2018 in Germany is now live, and registration will start from 1st May.

New IFAA IQ Retina Lock Built-in Bow Sight Ruling

The IFAA have published a ruling on the use of the IQ Retina Lock Built-in Sight. It is only legal in FU and FS styles.

Details of the ruling can be found here

2017-2018 Tournament Shirt Order Deadline Now Closed

The order process has now closed
Please place your Tournament Polo Shirt order before the 15th March to avoid disappointment.
There will only be one order this year.

Field Archer Mag October 2014

The missing edition for October 2014 has been printed in a limited edition. See the Field Archer page for more details.

2017 Indoor Championships

Results and some pictures from the Indoor Championships have been added


The EFAA is pleased to announce that a New Range Of Merchandise has been launched. Full details on the merchandise page.

Equipment Styles

Equipment styles have been updated for Bowhunter Limited, Bowhunter Unlimited and AFB.

Online Shoot Payments

We now have online Shoot Entry set up.
Payment will be processed by PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account you can still pay via Credit/Debit Card without creating an account

Online Membership Payments

We now have online Membership payments set up. This is currently only available for renewing existing membership.
Payment will be processed by PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account you can still pay via Credit/Debit Card without creating an account
We hope to have this facility for New Members very soon. Also online payment for shoot entry is being worked on.

Shoot Calendar

The shoot calendar has been updated to include all of the shoot dates that have been notified to us. If there are any amendments to your clubs shoot dates, or you need to send in next years dates, please email with the details. This will email Web Manager, Field Archer Editor, Membership Secretary & Range Officer

Details of UKIFAC 2017


21ST – 23RD July 2017 Hosted by NIFAA in association with Foyle Valley Archery Club
At Brook Hall Estate, 67 Culmore Rd, Londonderry. Northern Ireland BT48 8JE

The NIFAA and Foyle Valley A.C. cordially invites members of the UKIFAC community to the first UKIFAC to be held in Northern Ireland. The tournament will take place at the Brook Hall Estate on the outskirts of the beautiful City of Londonderry on the banks of the Foyle River.

Click here for more information

News!!!!!! Tournament Fees

Following the E.F.A.A. Committee meeting on Saturday 16 April it has been decided that the fee paid for hosting the two 3D championships will be increased to bring them in line with the other tournaments.

The English Field Archery Association is affiliated to The International Field Archery Association (I.F.A.A.), the governing body dedicated to the sport of Field Archery.