Latest News From The EFAA

**AGM Arrow Marking**

As the result of a proposal that was unanimously accepted at the recent AGM, please note the following information.

Commencing from and to be included in bow inspection at the 2018 Spring Team Championships. All arrows used at any EFAA shoot, including classification shoots, must show the archers name clearly on the arrow shaft. Full name or surname and initial(s) will be required. Initials only will not be acceptable. Names shown on fletchings will not be acceptable. The name or initials of the archers’ club are optional and may also be applied if the archer chooses to do so

Records Updated

The list of EFAA records has been updated and is now up to date as of 19th February

2018 Indoor Championships

Results from the Indoor Championships have been added

2018 Bowhunter Championships Online Payment

Online payment is now open for the 2018 EFAA Bowhunter Championships

2017-2018 Tournament Shirt Orders

Orders have now closed for the 2017-2018 shirts
There will be a New design for 2019-2020

Obituary - David Till

It is with great sadness that the EFAA wish to announce that David Till, one of its earliest members, passed away peacefully on 26th January, surrounded by his family. Jo, his daughter, has asked us to let everyone know of his passing and also to let people know the details of his funeral. 

It will take place on 23rd February at 11:15am at St Norbert's Catholic Church, Fieldside, Crowle, North Lincs. Followed by a cremation at the local crematorium.

Jo has told us that any of Dave's friends would be welcome. If anyone would like any further information please contact Dave Underwood who is in contact with Jo.

2018 EFAA Tournament Dates

IFAA Executive Ruling - Barebow Finger Tabs

The IFAA Executive has received various queries about the legality of certain finger tabs for the Barebow Shooting styles.

The ruling by the Technical Committee and the Executive Council is as follows:

Many finger tabs show stitches on the inside of the tab, which may or may not be used by the archer to determine the hand position for each shooting distance. These stitches are an integral part of the finger tab design of the manufacturer. Such stitching, irrespective of design or how elaborate, is not considered to contravene Rule 1a of the Barebow Shooting style, provided that such stitching is an integral part of the manufacturer’s design. Any tabs with stitching or markings that are not part of the design but added by the archer, are considered illegal and such tabs may not be used in the Barebow shooting style.

Full details here.

October 2017.

2017 3D Championships Pictures

A few pictures from the 3D Champs have now been posted. Thanks to Gez Davis & Piotr Kownacki for the pictures.

2017 3D Championships Results

2017 3D Championship results now available

2017 National Championships Pictures

A few pictures from the National Champs have now been posted. Thanks to Danny Smith & Gez Davis for the pictures.

2017 National Championships Results

2017 National Championship results now available

EFAC Pictures

A few pictures from EFAC now posted

UKIFAC Pictures

A few pictures (thanks Gez) from UKIFAC now posted

Omission From 2017 EFAA/IFAA Rule Book

Our thanks to Fred Wells for informing the committee of an omission from the recently issued 2017 EFAA/IFAA Rule Book

Bowhunter Championships Results

Bowhunter Championship results and a pictures (thanks Gez) now posted

Spring Team Championships Results

Spring Team Championship results and a few pictures now posted

New IFAA IQ Retina Lock Built-in Bow Sight Ruling

The IFAA have published a ruling on the use of the IQ Retina Lock Built-in Sight. It is only legal in FU and FS styles.

Details of the ruling can be found here

Field Archer Mag October 2014

The missing edition for October 2014 has been printed in a limited edition. See the Field Archer page for more details.


The EFAA is pleased to announce that a New Range Of Merchandise has been launched. Full details on the merchandise page.

Online Shoot Payments

We now have online Shoot Entry set up.
Payment will be processed by PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account you can still pay via Credit/Debit Card without creating an account

Online Membership Payments

We now have online Membership payments set up. This is currently only available for renewing existing membership.
Payment will be processed by PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account you can still pay via Credit/Debit Card without creating an account
We hope to have this facility for New Members very soon. Also online payment for shoot entry is being worked on.

Shoot Calendar

The shoot calendar has been updated to include all of the shoot dates that have been notified to us. If there are any amendments to your clubs shoot dates, or you need to send in next years dates, please email with the details. This will email Web Manager, Field Archer Editor, Membership Secretary & Range Officer

The English Field Archery Association is affiliated to The International Field Archery Association (I.F.A.A.), the governing body dedicated to the sport of Field Archery.