The EFAA Hall Of Champions

Some time ago at an AGM it was asked by Ben Jones whether there was a record of who had won each division at the National Championships each year. The simple answer was no. There are the results posted in the field archer following the competition and these are also placed on the web site.

Fortunately as I have been creating the Years of Achievement data base and having been loaned past Field Archers by Steve Kendrick I have also been noting down the National Champions for each year but so far I could only go back as far as 1996, and then Dave Underwood gave me an old photo album which had the names of archers that had taken trophies for each year. This album in some shooting classes goes back as far as 1970.

Any names you see in RED are from the album and will need to be confirmed.

Any questions, or if you see a mistake, or have missing information, please let me know.


Freestyle Unlimited (FU)

Division Started 1976

Blank block means either not contested or division was closed

Year Club Gents Ladies Junior Boy Junior Girl Cub Boy Cub Girl Veteran Gent Veteran Lady
1976 J. Allen
1977 C. Murray O. Powell
1978 M.Houghton O. Powell
1979 J. Lamb O. Powell
1980 Friskney Bowmen I. Addicott A.Scott J. Wilson
1981 Panther Bowhunters E. Parsons L. Southgate
1982 Phantom Bowmen R, Jewell L. Southgate
1983 Phantom Bowmen E. Parsons O. Allen J. Scott
1984 Panther Bowhunters Chris Jones Sue Davies A. Palmer
1985 Ramscombe Bowmen M. Houghton M. Rochford P. Bond
1986 Castle Bowmen M. Houghton C. Dade
1987 Calne Field Archers Mark Hamilton Maureen Lunn Ben Jones
1988 Phantom Bowmen J. Lamb G. Bacon
1989 Kings Forest Bowmen Chris Jones Sue Davies Ben Jones
1990 Panther Bowhunters J. Hartsfield Sue Davies Ben Jones
1991 Phantom Bowmen M. Hamilton Vicky Proctor R. Morgan
1992 Kings Forest Bowmen Ben Jones Maureen Lunn Michael Peart
1993 Silvertree Ben Jones Maureen Lunn
1994 Panther Bowhunters David Jones Eve Bailey
1995 Kings Forest Bowmen Chris Jones Sue Davies Chris White
1996 Black Eagle Bowmen Chris Jones Denize Hamilton
1997 March Hare Archers Gary Kinghorn Sue Davies Martin Coe
1998 White Mark Bowmen Gary Kinghorn Pauline Edwards Martin Coe
1999 Kings Forest Bowmen Robert Osgathorpe Sue Davies
2000 Kings Forest Bowmen Ben Jones Sue Davies Lee Davies
2001 White Mark Bowmen Peter Howlett Pauline Edwards Chris Foskett
2002 Red Rose Archers Ben Jones Lucy Holderness
2003 Worlingham Field Archers Tony Weston Lucy Holderness Ihan Du Plessis Kate Jefferson
2004 Kings Forest Bowmen Ben Jones Lucy Holderness Kate Jefferson
2005 Panther Bowhunters Neil wakelin Lucy Holderness Kate Jefferson
2006 March Hare Archers Ben Jones Ann Hartfield
2007 White Mark Bowmen Tony Weston Joan Gray
2008 Black Eagle Bowmen Ben Jones Christine Hall Luke Pennell Daisy Clark Veterans added from 2009
2009 Worlingham Field Archers Phil Glover Ann-Marie Henbury Luke Pennell Daisy Clark Eric Thomas Sue Davis
2010 March Hare Archers Tony Weston Ann-Marie Henbury Luke Pennell Eric Thomas Barbara Feilding
2011 Kings Forest Bowmen Phil Glover Eve Bailey Gareth Kemp Bob Osgathorpe
2012 March Hare Archers Tony Weston Ann-Marie Henbury Gareth Kemp Eric Thomas Pauline Swift
2013 Kings Forest Bowmen Ben Jones Eve Bailey Chris Jones
2014 Black Eagle Bowmen James Mason Eve Bailey Eric Thomas Pauline Swift
2015 Kings Forest Bowmen James Mason Karen Carter-Pearson Alfie Wilkes Sandy Goodings Pauline Swift
2016 Panther Bowhunters James Mason Daisy Clarke Zac Ball Chris Jones Pauline Swift
2017 White Mark Bowmen Phil Glover Daisy Clarke Cameron Ball Carl Pearsall Pauline Swift
2018 Merlin Field Archery James Mason Carol Smith Cameron Ball Clubs Allowed to Shoot FU to come in line with IFAA Trevor Vanstone Pauline Swift
2019 Kings Forest Bowmen James Mason Natasja Pinches Trevor Vanstone Pauline Swift
2020 National Championships cancelled due to the Covid 19 Pandemic
2021 Merlin Field Archery James Mason Natasja Pinches Michael Parvess Pauline Swift
2022 Kings Forest Bowmen James Mason Natasja Pinches Simon Edwards Anne Smith
2023 Merlin Field Archery Carl Richards Susan Corless Paul Weddle Carol Smith