IFAA Tournament Information

The tournament dates for 2018 IFAA are as follows -

  • 2018 EIAC - Hungary - Starts 15th February - 
  • 2018 EBHC - Germany - Starts 18th June - 
  • 2018 WFAC - South Africa - Starts 7th October - 
  • 2019 EFAC - Holland - Starts 3rd August

For all future IFAA Tournaments please check on the IFAA Web Site

EIAC 2018

The shoot has been so far running fairly smoothly with only 1/2hr delay on the 3D course. It was a bit intimidating at times because we were shooting in the Hunting Hall of the Hunting and Fishing Expo that was taking place the same weekend. Watched by curious onlookers we shot 24 3D targets indoor. First day is the Indoor Round with 2 groups starting at 10am and 2pm. Day 2 was the Flint Round with 4 Groups with group A starting at 8am and group D starting at 3:30pm. The medal ceremony for the 3D took place at 4:30pm and Lesley Sleigh won Gold and Bruno won Bronze.

Tomorrow is our last day and it has been a great shoot. Thanks to the Hungarian Archery for putting on a great shoot.

Ian Brown