Kings Forest Bowmen

Location:Wordwell IP28 6UT, United Kingdom

Location: Suffolk
Contact: Christine Smith
Tel: 01603 435207
What3Words: N/A

Course Description: Our course is mainly flat. Some open ground, but mostly in woodland

Course Suitability: Ours courses are built for all archers

Course Access: One of our members was in a wheelchair, and we several older members who have walking problems

Car Parking: We have significant car parking, on flat firm ground

Toilet Facilities: We have a full toilet facility

Visiting Archers: All of our members have to be Members of the EFAA, and other than Classification Shoots it is a Members Only Club. We have held NFAS only shoots. Otherwise archers can book a Training Session with an EFAA Master Coach

Catering: On Classification shoots, National shoots and club days we have full catering

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