Rule Book and Archers Hand Book

The EFAA adopts many rules of the IFAA. The Rule book and The Archers Hand Book can be found on the IFAA website:

Our thanks to Fred Wells for informing the committee of an omission from the recently issued 2017 EFAA/IFAA Rule Book. The following detail was accidentally omitted

2017 Rule Book Omissions

2017 AGM Rule change

Commencing from and to be included in bow inspection at the 2018 Spring Team Championships. All arrows used at any EFAA shoot, including classification shoots, must show the archers name clearly on the arrow shaft. Full name or surname and initial(s) will be required. Initials only will not be acceptable. Names shown on fletchings will not be acceptable. The name or initials of the archers’ club are optional and may also be applied if the archer chooses to do so