Year of Achievement 2020

The following is a list of records broken and awards given to members of the association throughout the year of 2020. The main aim of this document is to maintain a history of who has done what so as their records are broken they are not forgotten.

Should there be any mistakes or inaccuracies please let me know so as this can be corrected.

Graham Kemp

Classifications and Incentives Officer 2017-2020


5th January 2020 Kings Forest Bowmen – International Round

Rene Bekker AMBHR 237, Jo Healey AFBU 277, Evonne Stoppard AFTRB 71, Lesley Underwood VFTRB 72, Dave Underwood VMBL 270


12th January 2020 Black Eagle Bowmen – International Round

Gary Beacon AMTRB 164, Rene Bekker AMBHR 242


19th January 2019 Red Rose Archers – International Round

Denise Rayner AFBHC 237


2nd February 2020 Kings Forest Bowmen -Marked Forester Round

Bela De Freitas AFTRB 175


16th February 2020 Indoor Championships Double PAA Round

Sarah Moon AFFU 300 44x, Simon Scott AMFU 300 55x & 300 54x, James Mason 300 57x & 300 51x, Phil Glover AMFU 300 55x & 300 55x, Simon Holmes AMFU 300 48x, Jo Healey AFBU 300 43x, Lesley Underwood VFBU 276 AM-280PM, Jade Ledwick JFLB 114AM-125PM


8th March 2020 Black Eagle Bowmen – Hunter Round

Andrew Clark AMFSR FM & GFM Patch

Sean Quelch AMBU – Robin Hood Patch


This gap is due to the Covid 19 pandemic


12th September 2020 Black Eagle Bowmen Not the Nationals- Hunter Round

Rene Bekker AMBBR FM & GFM Patch, Iain Cope AMBU GFM Patch, Lydia Sinnett- Smith AFFU FM Patch


13th September 2020 Black Eagle Bowmen Not the Nationals- Field Round

Gary Beacon AMTRB 378, Dee Rayner AFBHC 460, Lisa Cooper AFFSR SFM Patch 1st score 12/09/20, 2nd score 13/09/20

Sam Hunter AMBU FM Patch

George Broadbent JMFSR  10 spot badge, Rene Bekker AMBBR 30 spot badge.


29th September 2020 Merlin Archery Club – Combination Round

George Broadbent JMFSR  15 spot badge


11th October 2020 Black Eagle Bowmen – Field / Expert Round

Gary Beacon AMTRB 318 Expert Round

Dee Rayner VFBHC 445 Field Round

Lydia Sinnett-Smith AFFU GFM Patch

Jack Atkinson AMFU SFM Patch 1st score 13/09/20, 2nd score 11/10/20

Stuart Oldman VMBL 15 spot badge


25th October 2020 Merlin Archery Club – Hunter Round


Adam Ravenscroft AMFU SFM Patch 1st score 27/09/20, 2nd score 25/10/20


This concludes the Year 2020.

Extra Information for those who have got this far: –

There were 19 classifications

A total of 497archers attended these shoots

There was a total of 26 records claimed.