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Barrie Cooper

The funeral of Barrie Cooper will be on Wednesday 6th March at 1.00pm. Parking is a bit restricted at the venue, so if you are planning to attend, it would be helpful if you could do two things to help with organisation.

Firstly, let me know If you are going independently, so that Chris Cooper has some idea of how may will be there. Secondly, also let me know if you would be prepared to meet at White Mark Bowmen and then share a car to the funeral. I can accommodate 5 passengers.

The funeral will be a simple friends and family gathering. No flowers please, as barrie will be laid to rest in a forest setting, and the deer eat the flowers. Tea and coffee will be available in The Gathering Room from 12:30.



Barrie Cooper died suddenly on Friday 2nd February. He shot with us just five days before his passing. Personally, I can’t disguise how shocked and saddened I was by this news. As Chair, I could say that Barrie had White Mark Bowmen Membership number 16, so he was a life-long archer and a universally liked, founding member of our club.

But my personal view is that “Sir Baz” was just a lovely man. An outstanding character in a club with no shortage of outstanding characters. When he came back to us after his previous illness, he was surprised when I told him how much he had been missed. Barrie was back, and a lot of smiling faces were all the evidence needed to know that everyone was pleased to see him. I certainly was. As was our custom, we spoke at length before and after the club shoots about all manner of things and he was in fine spirits when last we parted. I will not be alone in expressing considerable grief at his sudden passing.

Most of the people who will read this, and remember Barrie, will have their own reminiscence. They probably had similar fascinating conversations to those I enjoyed with him in the few years that I knew him.

It was one thing for him to turn-up to shoots wearing his purple plaid trousers (“Club colours!”) but to carry that off the way he did, was masterful. Whatever anyone said, he would adopt that little pout that was his way of suppressing a smile, but you knew that whatever was coming would leave us all laughing. It is easy to say someone is well-loved, but in Barrie’s case, it was abundantly clear.

As Chair, I have the all-to-frequent duty of sending out a mass e-mail to the club’s membership to tell them of the passing of one of our number. There are usually one or two comments when that happens, but for Barrie, all sorts of people that I had no idea he had met, have responded. They are a testament to the fact that Barrie was a genuinely lovely man.

If I write only briefly about our conversations about the new bow he had, or his re-build of the 1917 Henderson motorbike, (“How many motorbikes have you got Barrie?”, “I’m not sure....Between 50 and 75... I think.”) or his anecdote about the time when the then sidecar World Champion dropped in to his house on the way back from winning the TT, hoping to buy one of Barrie’s newly invented retro-fit disc brakes, (Barrie was out at college, and his parents told him about it later), or all the stuff we discussed about life in general, if I don’t eulogize about that, it is not that I don’t want to bore, and certainly not because there is nothing to report. If you are reading this, you have your own recollections. I invite you to enjoy them now. He will be greatly missed by a lot of people. I am one of them. Fill out my brevity with the times you were glad of Barrie’s company, and he made you smile.


Women In Archery IFAA Survey

To all Women In International Field Archery , we invite you to complete this survey to help us drive forward the development of women and girls in our sport, to ensure we provide expert advise on equipment, travel and many other topics, that will build a wealth of resources and bring our ladies together when attending events and competitions.

The survey will run until at least the end of February  2024 when the results will be collated and a project plan issued for viewing.

Thank you very much for your assistance,

yours in archery,

Saskia Brouwer (IFAA Secretary)

Janet Lloyd

It is with great sadness that we have learnt today that Janet Lloyd passed away peacefully overnight.

She was a much loved member of the EFAA and of Black Sheep Archers and will be forever remembered with her beloved long bow in one hand and holding onto her beloved Joe with the other. Joe has asked that we let all of her archery friends know, so if you could pass this message on to anyone who does not have access to the website or to Face Book that would be very much appreciated. Joe has promised to keep us updated about the funeral arrangements and we will post details as soon as we have them.

But tonight our thoughts and prayers are with Joe, Richard and all of her family, Janet will be very much missed on the archery course but more so at home by Joe and her family.

Sleep easy Janet, God Bless.

International Women's Day

Dear TAFISA Family and Friends

Celebrate International Women’s Day with us and join our webinar on “Mentoring the Female Leaders in Sport for All" hosted by TAFISA and Made to Play on Wednesday 9 March from 13:00 to 14:30 (UTC+1/CET)!

More information and registration HERE

The webinar will offer insight and knowledge on how to develop and support strong women mentors and leaders across the Global Sport for All Movement. Don't know where to start? Come find out the "why" and "how-to" as we offer a flexible framework and practical tools to navigate your own mentoring journey. Participants will also learn from FLOT Mentees and Mentors (EU-funded project aiming to empower a new generation of young African and European women to lead the Global Sport for All Movement) who will share their personal experience of the benefits of mentorship. The aim of this webinar is not only to provide learning, but also to provide an opportunity to build a strong network of women leaders in the Global Sport for All Movement.

Participation to the webinar is free and open to everyone!

Best Regards,
The TAFISA Office

Spring Champs 2022

Whilst most national events are booked for 2022 the EFAA Committee are looking for a host club for the Spring Championships, 14 or 28 target courses can be accommodated. Please register your clubs interest with the Tournaments Officer at

WEBHC 2021 Cancellation

We regret to inform you that the Authorities did not agree on the date for the planned Championship due to the Pandemic situation in France in general and particularly in the region of Confolens.

Therefore, we must officially announce the cancellation of the WEBHC 2021.

After consultation with the European Council and Finland, the French Association will host the EBHC 2022 in Confolens instead.

To ease the consequences, for those of you who have been registered for the WEBHC 2020/21, the offer still stands to move your registration forward to the new upcoming event. Further details in this regard, as well as dates etc. will be announce by the end of April. We ask for your understanding that up until then we cannot address individual inquiries as we need to clarify some details first to provide you with reliable responses

Further information can be found on the WEBHC website


National Shoots

Following the latest Government Guidance that has ben issued we have the pleasure in beginning to open up our National shoots.

Dates for the Spring Championships and entries are now live on the website – please check whether you have already entered before doing so again!

The dates for the Bowhunter Championships will be announced after the IFAA make a decision about the World and European Bowhunters. We want to give our archers who would be attending the best chance of practice and getting scores on their cards, however if the event is postponed then we will delay the dates so that as many EFAA archers can attend as possible.

Dates for the remaining Championships will be confirmed as soon as we have confirmed with the clubs who will be hosting them.

Covid 19

Latest Info has been updated on the Covid 19 page on the website.

Please remember do not leave home if you have a new continuous cough, feel hot to the touch or have a change to your taste and smell. If you experience and of these symptoms please stay at home, get in touch with NHS 111 on line or by phone if you do not have access and act on their advice.

EFAA Committee

IFAA Mail Match 2021

Please see the IFAA website for an update regarding the World Indoor IFAA mail match 2021.

General Update & Latest News

Just to keep you informed, the EFAA committee are meeting, and will continue to meet once every month online to enable us to react quickly to any changes in these challenging times.

No decision has yet been made on the holding of this year’s major shoots. We will continue to monitor the situation and obviously hope, for all of us, that we can return to enjoying our sport and friendships as soon as restrictions are relaxed.

As stated in an earlier update, the AGM situation was reviewed at our January meeting. It was decided that, due to continued restrictions, we will now plan to hold a conventional AGM later this year but earlier than customary, possibly in early September. All current committee members are happy to stay ‘in post’ to see the Association through this difficult period.

EFAA Committee


EFAA Instructors

Dear EFAA instructors please follow the link below that will take you to an update letter from the IFAA Director of Training and Coaching.

If there are any questions then please get in contact and I will be in contact with you all in the new year.

Dan Rae

Coaching Officer

Mike Murray

It is with great sadness that have to tell you all that Mike has passed away.  As some of you may know he had not been well for sometime and he died in his sleep in hospital.

Mike was a true Gentleman, and was always there with a smile on his face,  with  the ability to crack a joke when it was needed to defuse the tension - a memorable moment in  the Loire Valley in 1989.

He was a long time member of the EFAA Committee  having served from 1986 when he became our IFAA Representative and for many years our Vice President.

His funeral has taken place (14th of December) but if any of you would like to catch up with the service it is available via this link Username Kehe9620 Password 648923  and will be available until  14th January.

RIP Mike, you will be sadly missed by all those that knew and loved you.

Steve Kendrick

President EFAA

AGM 2020 & Latest News

At a recent meeting of the EFAA committee the 2020 AGM situation was re visited and the decision made to remain with the hope that a conventional AGM can be held early next year when, hopefully, the current restrictions on indoor gatherings will have eased. Also, due to the current, ever changing world that we are all living in, to enable us to be in a better position to react quickly to any relevant changes, the committee decided to increase the frequency of meetings for the next few months. The committee will now meet, online once a month until January 2021. At the January meeting, the AGM situation will be re visited and all possible meeting options will be reassessed.

On a more positive note, with our sport being severely restricted at the moment, it is encouraging to see that interest is still buoyant with 23 new members having joined the Association during October.

EFAA Committee


The IFAA have advised that Go/No Go dates have been announced for both events:

EBHC/WBHC: 7th April
WFAC: 30th April

As soon as further information is received it will be added to the website

WIAC 2021

The EFAA are pleased to announce that the IFAA has awarded us the opportunity to host and run the World Indoor’s (WIAC) in 2021. A big thanks to Dave Underwood for helping us to secure this opportunity, when he presented the bid in South Africa to the World Council. Planning is already well underway for the event which is planned to take place at Medway Park in Kent in February of 2021. Watch this space for more details.

The New Merlin Field Archery Club!

We would like to introduce the new Merlin Field Archery Club. After 3 years of existence, we have moved into the realms of a ‘normal’ club. Like Bambi’s first steps, we are emerging from the wonderful support of Merlin Archery and have founded our own committee. This is a new era for the club and we would like to express our immense gratitude to Chris Jones for his passion to create the club and Ben Jones for his continued support for the club to get to its current success. We have a strong committee of 6: Ben Jones (President); Ash Cowie (Chair); Carol Smith (Secretary); James Cowie (Treasurer); Chris Cant (Range Officer); Andrew Lamb (Records and Tournaments Officer & Safeguarding Officer).

We look forward to seeing you all at our 28 target course over the next year. We will be hosting the Spring Champs, hold a classification every 4th Sunday and will have our annual Chris Jones memorial shoot in May.

See you soon!

Ash Cowie

Year Of Achievement

Graham has now added 2018 to the Year Of Achievement page.

Spot Badges

Please note with immediate effect the cost for Spot Badges has increased to £5 to help cover the cost of providing them.

The EFAA Commitee

Spot Badges

It has been agreed at the last committee meeting that Spot Badges can be claimed from 5 spots (previously 10), across all bow styles.

Obituary - Chris Jones

It is with great sadness we must announce the passing of Chris Jones, founder of Merlin Archery. He lost his battle with cancer at home on 1st September in the presence of his wife and 4 sons.

Among many things, Chris was instrumental in the introduction of compound bows to the UK. His innovative designs, entrepreneurial drive and commitment to archery have touched so many people around the world.

He will be sorely missed.


The President's Award

The EFAA are looking for members who have gone above and beyond for the president’s award. Do you know someone who has made a significant contribution to the association who deserves to be recognised? It could be a significant contribution at club or national level or significant achievement.

Please send your nominations with their reason / explanation to The final decision will be made by the EFAA president.

Ash Cowie
Team Manager

Obituary - Gladys Ingham

It is with great sadness that we announce Gladys Ingham sadly passed away in the early hours of this morning. She was in a nursing home but was taken to hospital yesterday with a chest infection but sadly it took her. She was coming up 92.
The Funeral is being held on 14th March at Friskney Church at 12:30. Family flowers only please. Afterwards at The Barley Mow. Everyone is welcome to attend both. All donations will be to The Air Ambulance.

Obituary - David Till

It is with great sadness that the EFAA wish to announce that David Till, one of its earliest members, passed away peacefully on 26th January, surrounded by his family. Jo, his daughter, has asked us to let everyone know of his passing and also to let people know the details of his funeral.

It will take place on 23rd February at 11:15am at St Norbert's Catholic Church, Fieldside, Crowle, North Lincs. Followed by a cremation at the local crematorium.

Jo has told us that any of Dave's friends would be welcome. If anyone would like any further information please contact Dave Underwood who is in contact with Jo.

IFAA Executive Ruling - Barebow Finger Tabs

The IFAA Executive has received various queries about the legality of certain finger tabs for the Barebow Shooting styles.

The ruling by the Technical Committee and the Executive Council is as follows:

Many finger tabs show stitches on the inside of the tab, which may or may not be used by the archer to determine the hand position for each shooting distance. These stitches are an integral part of the finger tab design of the manufacturer. Such stitching, irrespective of design or how elaborate, is not considered to contravene Rule 1a of the Barebow Shooting style, provided that such stitching is an integral part of the manufacturer’s design. Any tabs with stitching or markings that are not part of the design but added by the archer, are considered illegal and such tabs may not be used in the Barebow shooting style.

Full details here.

October 2017.

Omission From 2017 EFAA/IFAA Rule Book

Our thanks to Fred Wells for informing the committee of an omission from the recently issued 2017 EFAA/IFAA Rule Book

New IFAA IQ Retina Lock Built-in Bow Sight Ruling

The IFAA have published a ruling on the use of the IQ Retina Lock Built-in Sight. It is only legal in FU and FS styles.

Details of the ruling can be found here

National Championships

The EFAA committee are pleased to announce that the club to host the EFAA National Championships on 9th and 10th September 2017, will be White Mark Bowmen. The committee would like to extend their thanks to White Mark for their offer. On Line entry for this shoot will be available and will open after the Spring Team Champs.

The Club Of The Year

The Club Of The Year was presented at the AGM. Take a look at the Team Page to see the results

IFAA Instructors Courses Dates

New dates have been added for Level 1 and Level 2 Courses

Web Site Update

The web site has undergone a bit of an update before the new Web Manager is elected at the forthcoming AGM. If you do find any errors, or have information you think should be added, please contact the Web Manager

If there are any updates to your Clubs details then please email them here

Registration for the WBHC 2017 in Italy has now closed

We have received a huge number of registrations, more than 2000, the vast majority of them already confirmed with fee's payment.
We want to explain, because many of you asked, why we put a 30 days deadline for the payment, as well as other issues about the registration procedure.

Our goal was to avoid the problems with registrations as happened in previous Championships (i.e. EBHC 2016) with a huge number of participants.

Your enthusiasm and desire of participation was proved overwhelming, but we are very confident that this "formula" prevented those early registrations made by archers only interested in reserving themselves a place, but not really committed to attend. We think that registrations followed by fee's payments are the best confirmations for all of you.

In the "News" and "Registration ⇒ Info" sections of this website you will find the list of the participants who have paid the registration fee.

So stay tuned on this website because you will find regular updates and all the official news about the WBHC.

Riccardo Cionnini
President of the Compagnia Arcieri della Concordia - 09FRED
D. T. WBHC 2017

AGM Saturday

Remember the EFAA AGM is Saturday, 26th November 2016. To be held at The Crossroads Hotel, High Street, Weedon NN7 4PX at 10.30am.

Broadland Bowmen Shoot

Due the fading light conditions the classification shoot at BROADLAND BOWMEN on Sunday 20th November will start at 9.30 am

Change of date for the AGM

Owing to unforeseen circumstances the EFAA AGM has been moved to 26 November 2016

to be held at The Crossroads Hotel, High Street, Weedon NN7 4PX at 10.30am.

All dates for proposals and nominations for committee members remain unchanged.


An outdoor meeting of the EFAA executive committee members took place on Sunday July 5th to discuss items needing urgent attention.

It was decided that, due to the current unprecedented circumstances we are all living in, including the restrictions on indoor gatherings, the 2020 AGM will be delayed until such time that we are legally permitted to hold a conventional indoor meeting.

Updates will be posted on this website.

EFAA Committee
8th July 2020

EFAA Tournament Shirt Ordering

REMINDER - The Deadline Below is Fast Approaching.

We are pleased to inform you that tournament shirt orders can now be placed online under the merchandise tab on this website. As before, these shirts are a special-order item with a minimum order quantity of 5 shirts and up to 8 weeks production time. We are aware that some of you have waited a long time to receive shirts and some are still waiting for the current order to be completed and shirts delivered. With this in mind and in an attempt to provide members with a better idea of when shirts are likely to be received, we are introducing a shirt order ‘cut off’ date.


This order process is now closed.

Online ordering will not be available after this date and all shirt orders will be sent to our supplier.

EFAA committee.

Announcement re Postponement of WFAC 2020 - Estonia.

From the WFAC2020 website.

Dear Archers,

As an IFAA-accredited global tournament host, the FAAE considers it necessary to give notice of changes as soon as possible. This situation in the World is unusual for all of us and regardless of the decision made, it cannot be 100% suitable for everyone. The only reasonable decision is to postpone the tournament (WFAC2020) to the 2021, the dates of July 23rd to July 31st. If a registered participant wishes to withdraw from the tournament altogether, we can refund 30% of the fees paid until Jun 30, 2020. Registered archers who wish to participate in the tournament in 2021 do not need to take any action, their participation fee will be retained and carried forward to the next year. Till today, we receive requests by mail from different countries with the wish to register for the tournament, change the bow style, book accommodation etc., which shows the high interest of the participants in the tournament.

On behalf of the Tournament Organizers we thank you for your patience and understanding!

IFAA Announcement - European Bowhunter Championships 2020 is Postponed

Like with most sports the COVOD-19 virus has also affected the tournaments of the IFAA with the general
lockdown of almost every European country. This is most likely to be extended well into May 2020 or even
later in the year by many countries.

After consultation with the IFAA member associations in Europe, the decision was made to postpone the
European Bowhunter Championships 2020 (EBHC 2020). 2/3 of the member associations in Europe have
voted in favour of the postponement and there were no votes against. There was one abstention.

These championships will now be hosted from 02-10 July 2021 unless the virus keeps a grip on Europe.
The name of the tournament will remain the same and medals and any tournament memorabilia will still
display “EBHC 2020”.

The World Bowhunter Championships 2021 (WBHC 2021) will be combined with the EHBC 2020 and
medals and tournament memorabilia of the WBHC 2021 will display “WBHC2021”.
Australia (ABA) in turn will now be hosting the WBHC 2023 !

Archers who have already registered for the EBHC2020 and also have paid the registration fees are given the
option to shoot the combined WBHC2021/EBHC2020 at no extra costs.

A large part of the registration fees have been spent on the organisation of the EBHC2020 and unfortunately
a refund of the registration fees to those who do not wish to shoot the events in 2021 will not be possible.

Archers who have also paid for meals, the banquet, shirts and other tournament memorabilia may contact the
tournament organisers at for a refund of the payments that were made.
The organisers are committed to contact each registered archer by email to inform them of the options.

Even though the EBHC2020 is fully booked, the organisers assure that there will be sufficient places for the
registrations for the WBHC2021 for all additional archers.
Two extra ranges are planned if so required.

Archers from Europe, who have not registered or not paid their registration fees for the EBHC 2020 will pay
the normal registration fees. This will be advertised on the WBHC2021/EBHC2020 website later this year.

Archers from outside Europe can only register for the WBHC2021 as will be advertised later this year.
IFAA Executive

EFAA Development Weekend - 14th & 15th March 2020



Latest SFM Patch Awards for 2019 Year

Congratulations to the following archers who achieved the SFM Patch during 2019.

Daniel Rae - BU and FU
Barry Rampling – FU
Scott Stanbury – FSR
Jim Metcalfe – FU
Dan Soroko – FU
Alan Lawson – FU
Jonathan Shales – FSR
Natasha Pinches – FU
Dee Rayner – BHC
Jo Healey – BU
Phil Glover – FU
Simon Holmes – FU
Carol Smith – FU
Verity Grey – FU
Jamie Bridges – BBR
Martyn Cotterill – FU
Sam Baldwin – FU
S. Corless – FU
James Mason - FU
Carl Richards – FU
Tony Weston – FU
Allan Lawson – FU

Well done all, I will be getting the 2019 patches made soon for issuing out.

As I am not shooting this year could you please email me with your address so I can get them in the post or tell me you`re not interested.

Have a great year I will be watching the classification cards for those trying for the 2020 patch.

Graham Kemp
Classifications and Incentives Officer

Covid-19 Update

Latest guidance is available on the Covid-19 page.

EFAA Committee

SFM Scores

As we move out of lock down it has come to my attention that some archers have been able to get their first SFM score, but due the the pandemic they were unable to get out to classifications to try to get their second score within the stated 12 month period. Having discussed this with the committee , we have decided to allow the follow archers the chance to get their second scores till the end of this year.

Matthew Farnham AMBU , Andrew Clark  AMFSR , Rene Bekker AMBBR , Mark Dooley AMFU , Lydia Sinnet-Smith AFFU and Simon Scott AMFU.

Good Luck and stay safe

Graham Kemp

Geoff Southgate

It is with great sadness that we have learnt today that Geoff Southgate ( Dots Husband ) died yesterday afternoon at home.

Some of you might not have known him, but most of you would have, technically not an existing EFAA Member but long time supporter of Field Archery, he also started so many archers off in the sport when they visited Centre Parcs .

Obviously known much more for being Dorothy Southgate’s husband.

But tonight our thoughts and prayers are with all of his family.

Year Of Achievement 2021

The Year Of Achievement for 2021 has been added to the site here.

Tony Smith

It is with great sadness that we have been asked by Christine to announce the very sad, sudden passing of Tony Smith, one of our well know, much loved, long term members.

Tony Smith passed away suddenly at home on Friday morning (4th March), from a heart attack.

Our thoughts and prayers at this time are with Christine and their family.

Rest in peace Tony, you will be very much missed by all who loved and knew you.