EFAA Bowhunter Championships 2018


Hosted by Woodend Field Archers

For Sunday’s round the Unmarked 3D, there has been a tournament ruling issued. The ruling being that for the first arrow only there will be a score of 22 points given for the pro ring in the kill, then followed by the normal scoring sequence. So scoring will be as follows. This will be a non record round.
1st Arrow - Pro Ring 22 - Kill 20 - Wound 18
2nd Arrow - Kill 16 - Wound 14
3rd Arrow - Kill 12 - Wound 10

Hosted By: Woodend Field Archers
Date: Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3th June 2018
Eligibility: All current EFAA members.
(2018 Classification cards MUST be handed in at Registration. Please make sure you have your new card).
Rounds: Saturday, 3D Unmarked Precision - Sunday, 3D Unmarked Big Game (see note on tournament ruling)
Entry before 24th May, Adults £20.00, Juniors/Cubs £15.00
On or after 24th May, Adults £25.00, Juniors/Cubs £20.00
Cheques payable to EFAA
Awards: 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each style according to entry, (1 for 1, 2 for 4, 3 for 6)
Styles: All styles recognised by the EFAA
Teams:  Bowhunter Teams shall consist of 1 x unlimited archer, 1 x freestyle archer, 1 x barebow or bowhunter archer and 1 archer shooting with wooden arrows. (Archers may shoot up in style).
Registration: Saturday 9am - 10am - Sunday 8am - 9am
Bow Inspections: Saturday 9am - 10am
Start Times: Saturday 10am, Sunday 9am
Refreshments: Food and drinks will be available.
Download the PDF entry form (and post) to: Mrs Lesley Underwood, 5 Home Farm Way,Westoning, Beds, MK45 5LL, Tel: 01525 751778. Online entry and payment is available.
Please Note: A late entry fee will be levied on any archer who changes style less than one week before or on the day of the tournament. Please advise Tournaments Officer as soon as possible if you intend to shoot a different style to your original entry.
Entries Received: If you find you can not attend the shoot, please contact the Tournaments Officer as soon as possible
Adults:  Jamie Rawson (AMBHR), Paul Wooliscroft (AMBL), Dave Underwood (AMBL), Clive Moss (AMAFB), Alan Crowe (AMLB), Sue Crowe (AFLB), Lesley Sleight (AFTRB), Brian Simcox (AMLB), Amanda Burgess (AFLB), Dan Weeden (AMBHC), Jim Metcalf (AMFU), Gez Davis (AMBHR), Katie Fletcher (AFBU), Chris Smedley (AMBU), Mike Cullen (AMAFB), Bela De Freitas (AFLB), Ron Potter (AMBU), Rosie Potter (AFLB), Dave Hill (AMBU), Rick Preece (AMHS), Heather Pearson (AFFU), Fred Wells (AMLB), Owen Blackmore (AMFU), Elizabeth Ridley (AFFU), Jo Healey (AFBU), Dee Rayner (AFBL), Richard Green (AMFSR), Karen Howard (AFFSR), Matt Farnham (AMFU), Kay Farnham (AFBU), Tony Weston (AMFU), , Martin Pearson (AMFU), Philip Smith (AMHS), Sandra Meek (AFAFB), Tony Smith (AMHS), Christine Smith (AFBHR), Steve Dale (AMBHC), Penny Kennedy (AFFSR), Cat Chandler (AFLB), Gary Powell (AMLB), Chris Robson (AMBHR), Scott Ball (AMBL), John Allen (AMTRB), Alec James (AMBL), Dave Nolder (AMLB), Steve Kendrick (AMFU), Alan Bolton (AMBBR), Ian Malcolm (AMFU), Jimmy Harcus (AMLB), Keith Burton (AMHS), Chris Plesants (AMFSR), Dan Rae (AMFU), Lurent Duverge (AMBBC), Michael Winn (AMBHC), Helen Harris (AFBHC), Colin Fairburn (AMBHR), Dave Moore (AMBU), Martin Nazaruk (AMBHR), Scott Stanbury (AMFSR)
Juniors:  Harriet Farnhm (JFBU), Joe Fairburn (JMBHR)