EFAA Bowhunter Championships 8th & 9th June 2024

Hosted by Woodend Field Archers

Hosted By: Woodend Field Archers
Date: Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th June 2024
Eligibility: All current EFAA members.
(2024 Classification cards MUST be handed in at Registration. Please make sure you have your new card).
Visitors: Anyone affiliated to the IFAA welcome
Rounds: Saturday, 3D Unmarked Big Game - Sunday, 3D Unmarked Precision

Tournament rule for this event -  Only the target number and animal group size will be available on the target boards.

Entry before 31st May, Adults £25.00, Juniors/Cubs £20.00
On or after 1st June, Adults £30.00, Juniors/Cubs £25.00
Awards: 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each style according to entry, (1 for 1, 2 for 4, 3 for 6)
Styles: All styles recognised by the EFAA
Teams:  Bowhunter Teams shall consist of 1 x unlimited archer, 1 x freestyle archer, 1 x barebow or bowhunter archer and 1 archer shooting with wooden arrows. (Archers may shoot up in style).
Registration: Saturday 9am - 10am - Sunday 8am - 9am
Bow Inspections: Saturday 9am - 10am
Start Times: Saturday 10am, Sunday 9am
Refreshments: Food and drinks will be available.
Entries: Online entry only, if you have any issues please advise Tournaments Officer (07756012616).
Please Note: A late entry fee (£5) will be levied on any archer who changes style less than one week before or on the day of the tournament. Please advise Tournaments Officer (07756012616 ) as soon as possible if you intend to shoot a different style to your original entry.
Entries Received: If you find you can not attend the shoot, please contact the Tournaments Officer as soon as possible
Last Updated 8.2.2024
Adults: Trish Gramauskas (AFFSC), Gus Gramauskas (AMAFB), Bela De Freitas (AFAFB), Mike Cullen (AMTRB), Lez James (AMFU), Aaron O'Shea (Guest AMBHR), Robert Twigg (AMAFB), Sophie Twigg (AFAFB), Dean Layton-James (AMFU), Antony King (AMFSR), Jed Cullen (AMBHR), Antony Morell (AMBHR), Dean Woolfenden (AMFSR), Mark Service (AMBU), Graham Coulson (AMBHR), Lisa Cooper (AFFSR), Geoff Smith (AMBHR), Allen Grayson (Guest AMAFB)