EFAA Bowhunter Championships 8th & 9th June 2024

Hosted by Woodend Field Archers

Hosted By: Woodend Field Archers
Date: Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th June 2024
Eligibility: All current EFAA members.
(2024 Classification cards MUST be handed in at Registration. Please make sure you have your new card).
Visitors: Anyone affiliated to the IFAA welcome
Rounds: Saturday, 3D Unmarked Big Game - Sunday, 3D Unmarked Precision

Tournament rule for this event -  Only the target number and animal group size will be available on the target boards.

Entry before 31st May, Adults £25.00, Juniors/Cubs £20.00
On or after 1st June, Adults £30.00, Juniors/Cubs £25.00
Awards: 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each style according to entry, (1 for 1, 2 for 4, 3 for 6)
Styles: All styles recognised by the EFAA
Teams:  Bowhunter Teams shall consist of 1 x unlimited archer, 1 x freestyle archer, 1 x barebow or bowhunter archer and 1 archer shooting with wooden arrows. (Archers may shoot up in style).
Registration: Saturday 9am - 10am - Sunday 8am - 9am
Bow Inspections: Saturday 9am - 10am
Start Times: Saturday 10am, Sunday 9am
Refreshments: Food and drinks will be available.
Entries: Online entry only, if you have any issues please advise Tournaments Officer (07756012616).
Please Note: A late entry fee (£5) will be levied on any archer who changes style less than one week before or on the day of the tournament. Please advise Tournaments Officer (07756012616 ) as soon as possible if you intend to shoot a different style to your original entry.
Entries Received: If you find you can not attend the shoot, please contact the Tournaments Officer as soon as possible
Last Updated 11.40hrs 2.6.2024
Adults: Trish Gramauskas (AFFSC), Gus Gramauskas (AMAFB), Bela De Freitas (AFAFB), Mike Cullen (AMTRB), Lez James (AMFU), Aaron O'Shea (Guest AMBHR), Robert Twigg (AMAFB), Sophie Twigg (AFAFB), Dean Layton-James (AMFU), Antony King (AMFSR), Jed Cullen (AMBHR), Antony Morell (AMBHR), Dean Woolfenden (AMFSR), Mark Service (AMBU), Graham Coulson (AMBHR), Lisa Cooper (AFFSR), Geoff Smith (AMBHR), Allen Grayson (Guest AMAFB), Damian Tinsley (AMTRB), Steve Dale (AMBHC), Keith Dolman (AMTRB), Stuart Oldman (AMTRB), Peter Schofield (AMBBR), Dave Greenbank (AMFU), Stuart Savill (AMFU), Robert Masdin (AMLB), Thomas Masdin (AMLB), Mark Hodgson (AMAFB), Julie Hodgson (AFTRB), Daniel Weedon (AMBHC), Dave Holland (AMBBR), Rick Preece (AMTRB), Ricky De Freitas (AMBU), Helen Harris (AFBHC), Natalie Stones (AFBHR), Nathan Taylor (AMBHR), Allan Lawson (AMFU), Stephen May (AMBHR), Anthony Commander (AMFU), Joy Rudge (AFAFB), Richard Clarke (AMFU), Graham Eldridge (AMBHC), Shaun Eldridge (AMBU), Owen Sankey (AMBHR), Andrew Burnes (AMBHR),Richard Green (AMFSR), Matt Farnham (AMBU), Harriet Farnham (AFBU), Ian Cope (AMFU), Jessica Hackett (AFBHC), Simon Critchley (AMBU), Ian Evans (AMAFB), Teresa Moon (AFFU), Cat Chandler (AFLB), Gary Powell (AMLB), Scott Stanbury (AMFSR), Damien Lewington (AMFSR), Rosie Potter (AFBHC), Ron Potter (AMBU), Simon Holmes (AMLB), Trevor Walter (AMBHC), Jane Walter (AFAFB), Tom Harris (AMFSR), Steve Langton (AMFU), Tony Moulton (AMFU), Karl Bowles (AMFU), Jim Harcus (AMLB), Andy Griggs (AMLB), Fred Wells (AMLB), Abbie Dawson (AFFSR), Hayden Ledwick (AMFSR), Scott Wadsworth (AMFU), Deborah Emmott (AFBBR), Kevin Emmott (AMBBR), Richard Edwards (AMFU), Helen Hall (AFBHR - guest), Mark Hitchman (AMAFB), Ian Watkins (AMLB), Claude Rouschmeyer (AFAFB), Bruno Rouschmeyer (AMAFB - Guest), Lesley Sleight (AFAFB), David Nolder (AMLB), Kay-Leona Hodgkinson (AFLB), Martin Billingham (AMBBR - guest), Nikki Ledwick (AFBBR), Ben Ledwick (AMBBR), Richard Nolder (AMLB), Richard Danby (AMBBR), Lucy Holderness (AFFU), Oli Skuse (AMBL), Keith Burton (AMTRB), Andy Betts (AMAFB), Steffan Hall (Guest AMBHR), Paul Weddle (AMFU), Sarah Monteith (AFBHR), Dan Rae (AMFU), Penny Kennedy (AFFSR)