UKIFAC Championships 2023


Hosted by EFAA at Kings Forest Bowmen









Hosted By: Kings Forest Bowmen
Date: Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th June 2023
Eligibility: All current IFAA members.
(2023 Classification cards MUST be handed in at Registration. Please make sure you have your membership card).
Visitors: Welcomed if space allows
Rounds: Saturday, Hunter - Sunday, Field
Entry before 29th April 2023,  Seniors (over 65), Veteran (over 55), Adult, Young Adult (17-21) £30 - Junior (13-16)/Cub (Under 13) £25
On or after 29th April 2023, Seniors (over 65), Veteran (over 55), Adult, Young Adult (17-21) £40 - Junior (13-16)/Cub (Under 13) £35
No refunds will be given after the 28th April 2023
Cheques payable to EFAA
Awards: 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each style
Styles: All styles recognised by the IFAA
Teams: A team event will be held and a team will consist of

1 x Freestyle Unlimited
1 x Bowhunter Unlimited
1 x Freestyle Limited (Recurve or Compound)
1 x Barebow (Recurve or Compound)
1 x Bowhuter (Recurve or Compound)
1 x Long Bow/Historical Bow

Registration: Saturday 9am - 10am - Sunday 8am - 9am
Bow Inspections: Saturday 9am - 10am
Start Times: Saturday 10am, Sunday 9am
Refreshments: Food and drinks will be available.
Download the PDF entry form (and post ONLY) to: Mrs Lesley Underwood, 5 Home Farm Way,Westoning, Beds, MK45 5LL, Tel: 01525 751778
Please Note: A late entry fee will be levied on any archer who changes style less than one week before or on the day of the tournament. Please advise Tournaments Officer as soon as possible if you intend to shoot a different style to your original entry. Online entry and payment is available. NOTE online entries are preferred
Entries Received: If you find you can not attend the shoot, please contact the Tournaments Officer as soon as possible
Last updated: 20.11.2022
Adults: Jose Goncalves (AMFU), Gary Beacon (AMTRB), Steven Wishart (AMBU), Lynn Ellingworth (AFBHR), Michelle Noonan (AFLB), Mick Seery (AMBBR), Catherine Power (AFBHR), Kevin Power (AMBHR), Martin Moylan (AMFU), Clodagh Nolan (AFBHR), Mark Daly (AMBHR), Colin Whitton (AMFSR)
Seniors: Stuart Oldman (SMAFB)
Veterans: Colleen Moore (VFLB), Denis Watson (AMTRB) Helen Kavanagh (VFBHR), Martin Krusche (VMBU), Mick Burke (VMFU), Michael Creech (VMFSR),
Young Adult: Max Gordon (YAFSR),
Juniors: Henry Beacon (JMTRB)