How do you claim an EFAA Record?

The EFAA maintains records of the highest scores shot by its members in each of the recognised divisions and for each of the official marked distance rounds. The Classifications and Incentives Officer compiles the record tables from returns made by shoot organisers on Shoot Certificates.

An archer breaking a record is advised to ensure that both his scorecards are arithmetically correct, witnessed by the group, show the record being claimed and the archer's current mailing address.  The archer should ensure that the shoot organiser knows that a record has been broken.  The shoot organiser should make a note of this claim on the Shoot Certificate and enclose both scorecards with the return.

In the event of a record claim being omitted from the Shoot Certificate, the archer who broke the record may make their own return to the Classifications and Incentives Officer (postal address can be found in Field Archer and at this web site) which should be accompanied by the relevant scorecards witnessed by the group with the claimant's claim and current mailing address on the back.

EFAA records can only be setup or broken at a National, Regional or World tournament where an EFAA or IFAA Shoot Certificate has been issued, where there was a proper equipment inspection and where double scoring was in operation.  A club classification is a National tournament.  All records will be published by EFAA from time to time as well as being viewable on these pages.

The National Range Charter Officer must inspect and approve the proposed range for all marked or unmarked distance EFAA tournaments.

For National records shot at World and Regional IFAA sanctioned tournaments (WFAC, EFAC, WBHC, EBHC, WIAC, etc.) where no return would be made to EFAA, the archer should take their own steps to ensure that the Classifications and Incentives Officer is made aware of any new claim(s) in writing and should forward hard evidence - if available, witnessed - if possible, of such round and the score.

Any World or Regional IFAA marked distance record established at an IFAA sanctioned tournament is processed automatically by IFAA and shown on the IFAA website - no record certificate is issued by IFAA.


Claiming Spot Badges?

Please note that Spot badges can now be claimed from a staring point of 5 Spots across all bow styles. Please contact Graham by clicking this link Classifications and Incentives Officer for further details.