Important for renewal of membership

All memberships are due on January 1st each year, you can renew anytime after the National Championships .If you do not renew by the end of January then you are no longer insured to shoot anywhere under the EFAA insurance. This includes EFAA club classifications or use of there practice butts no one is exempt from this rule.


Current Membership Cost is as follows

Membership Type Cost
Affiliate or Individual Adult £25
Affiliate or Individual Junior/Cub £10
Associate (non shooting) £5
Life Member £625 (25 times annual fee)
Family (Where a number of closely related persons live at one address in the U.K.
Their total subscription shall not exceed £50.00 per annum, providing only two of them are adults)


You must produce your EFAA Classification card as proof of membership. It is most important that you  take this card with you where ever you shoot, Home or Abroad.

Classification scores or EFAA animal rounds are needed for EFAC, WFAC, EBHC, WBHC and EFAA/IFAA Indoor scores if you enter EIAC or WIAC.

You should have at least 2 scores on your Classification Card.

Please note that the club that is on your renewed membership card is the club you are allowed to shoot for in any team events in the competitions for the current year.

If you belong to more than one club, the one you wish to shoot for MUST be the one on the card and be a current EFAA club, i.e. have three or more members, be registered with Alec James and appear on the list in the Field Archer. Please ensure that your club is on the list for next year, if there are insufficient members it will be removed from the list.

Online payment is now possible for existing members here.

Click here to download the membership form.

Replacement Classification Cards are available for a £5 fee. Also additional copies of the Book of Rules are available for a fee of £5.00.

Membership Secretary can be contacted here