Spring Shoot 2018

EFAA Spring Open & Team Championships Hosted by Panther Bowhunters Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th May 2018

DSC01590 DSC01596 DSC01605 DSC01607 DSC01609 DSC01612 DSC01615 DSC01616 DSC01619 DSC01622 DSC01623 DSC01625 DSC01626 DSC01630 DSC01634 DSC01635 DSC01637 DSC01639 DSC01642 DSC01643 DSC01645 DSC01666 DSC01687 DSC01691 DSC01692 DSC01695 DSC01697 DSC01698 DSC01699 DSC01700 DSC01702 DSC01703 DSC01705 DSC01707 DSC01709 DSC01710 DSC01711 DSC01712 DSC01714 DSC01715 DSC01716 DSC01717 DSC01718 DSC01719 DSC01720 DSC01722 DSC01724 DSC01726 DSC01728 DSC01730 DSC01731 DSC01733 DSC01735 DSC01736 DSC01737 DSC01739 DSC01741 DSC01742 DSC01743 DSC01745 DSC01746 DSC01751 IMG 5136 (2) IMG 5173 IMG 5178 IMG 5184
National Championships 2017

EFAA National Championships Hosted by White Mark Saturday 9th September and Sunday 10th 2017

Bowhunters 2017

EFAA Bowhunter Championships Hosted by Kings Forest Bowmen Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th June 2017

Spring Shoot 2017

EFAA Open Spring Shoot & Team Championships Hosted by Black Eagle Saturday 29th April and Sunday 30th 2017

Spring Shoot 2016

EFAA Open Spring Shoot & Team Championships Hosted by White Mark Bowmen Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May 2016

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