International 2019-2020 Tournaments Polo Shirt

Calling all would be designers, or simply those who may have previously thought “I can do better than that”, it`s time to rise up to the challenge and design our next EFAA Tournament shirt.

The Winning design will be selected by the Committee and will then become our next EFAA Tournament shirt.

The Winner will be photographed proudly, wearing their new designed shirt in the Field Archer. (and will get to keep that shirt!)

Simply, read the design requirements, download and fill in the template (Front & Back) then post (address in FA) or E-mail it to Merchandising Officer

Closing date for entries is 1st July 2018.


1st-Need to have EFAA and IFAA logo (state/show where and this will be placed on, by myself).

                           2nd- Need to show a space for any sponsors logo, if applicable.

Best of Luck!

Bela De Freitas

(Merchandise officer)

Any questions please contact Merchandising Officer (Bela)